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Responsibility at Busch


As a family business, Busch is not accountable to stakeholders. But we are accountable to ourselves. And we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. We never lose sight of what is most important to us: people. We are committed to our communities, the environment, our customers, and our employees. We strive to make a better world for all of them. We see it as our responsibility.

Our code of conduct

Our corporate mission is based on our integrity. Our Code of Conduct conveys our values. We do not do business at any price. We are firmly convinced that sustainable long-term economic success is inseparably linked to compliance with laws, ethical standards and moral values. Responsible action is therefore the basic prerequisite for our success and an integral part of our corporate culture.

Our stories. All around the world.


Learning from Different Mentalities

In 1980, Pepi Benito started to represent Busch directly in Spain, thus laying the foundation for the Spanish sales company which has been established in 1982. Between 1982 and 2002 she was Deputy Manager of Busch Spain and then became General Manager. Today, she is responsible for more than 70 employees.

As a global company, Busch has employees all over the world who belong to a wide variety of cultures. Pepi Benito sees this as a great opportunity.

“We can learn a lot by dealing with people of different mentalities.“