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The golden ribbon is a symbol for childhood cancer. Source: sewcream -

Donation to Children’s Cancer Organization

Ateliers Busch

How can sustainable behavior be combined with social responsibility? The employees of Ateliers Busch decided to switch to LEDs, to sell the stored spare bulbs and to donate the money from the sale to a children’s cancer association.
When the employees of Ateliers Busch decided to convert their lighting to LEDs, they still had 200 old spare bulbs in stock. Without further ado, they sold the replacement bulbs among their colleagues and collected 1,200 Swiss Francs (round about 1,150 EUR). They donated the money to the children’s cancer organization AJAFEC in Chevenez.
AJAFEC (Association jurassienne d’aide aux familles d’enfants atteints de cancer / Jurassic Association for the Support of Families of Children with Cancer) is an organization in Chevenez for affected children and their relatives. AJAFEC’s goal is to support families in the Jura and Bernese Jura affected by childhood cancer, during and after the disease, by various means.
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is a severe shock for the family. A wide range of assistance may be needed. AJAFEC uses donated money for social and financial support for accommodation, meals, travel and compensation for loss of wages. But moral support of parents and relatives through cordial meetings, listening, counseling and special attention to the sick child through visits, gifts and school care are also necessary.
At Ateliers Busch, the old lighting system that consumed 59 kW per bulb was replaced with an LED system that uses 17 kW per bulb. As a result, Ateliers Busch now saves 72,000 kW/h and 7.2 tons of CO2 per year.