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The term “sustainability” originally comes from forestry: Cutting only as many trees as can grow back ensures that the forest can continue to be used in the future and retain its value in the long term. Source: AVTG –

Go Green, Busch Spain

Efforts towards a greener future

The principle of “sustainable use” was first formulated for forestry in the 18th century. No more wood should be taken from the forest than regrowth. In this way, the resource wood was conserved so that it was permanently available. Since then, a lot of efforts have been made towards a greener future. Like those from our colleagues in Spain.
It all began in 2020. The target of our Spanish colleagues was to become more sustainable in every area of their workplace. From the office to the factory floor. So, they formed a ‘Green Team’. It consists of five employees from different departments across the company. They meet once a month to think up sustainable actions, discuss them with Pepi Benito, General Manager of Busch Spain, and then implement them. So far, the following initiatives have been carried out:
  • All energy consumed by Busch Spain now comes from 100% renewable energy sources.
  • 50% of company lightbulbs have been replace by LEDs.
  • Heating and air conditioning are now programmed according to time and temperature, so they don’t run when not needed.
  • There has been a general minimizing of waste, for example, using less paper in the office and less water on site.
  • A maintenance plan has been put in place to avoid malfunction of equipment and machinery, which can eat energy.
The results are impressive. There has been a cut of 45% in lighting consumption. Power comes from a nuclear source where Busch Spain is located, so there has been a subsequent reduction of 87.740 mg of radioactive waste. And 53.744 kg less CO2 has been released into the atmosphere. The impact is the same as planting 405 trees.
Pepi Benito is pleased with the considerable efforts of her colleagues:
We are proud to have adopted these sustainable practices. They not only contribute to a better environment in the short term but also help to create a more sustainable company. We want to maintain these practices so that the activity of our company creates only a minimal impact on the environment in the long term.
Pepi Benito, General Manager, Busch Spain
As the implementation of Go Green continues, more and more short- and long-term initiatives are being planned. These include the installation of solar panels and finding even friendlier alternatives to certain chemicals used in the company workshops.