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Source: Busch Vacuum Solutions

Saving Resources

Energy-efficient, long-lasting products are good. But energy-efficient, long-lasting products that have been produced sustainably are even better.

This is why our innovations are always designed and produced with their impact on the environment taken into account.

Each new product generation often saves up to 20% more energy compared to the previous one.

It goes without saying that they are also quieter, more robust, and more user-friendly. Reducing waste and the consumption of raw materials is standard practice for us.

Today, Busch obtains a lot of its electricity from renewable sources like wind or our own solar panels. Austria, Denmark, and Spain, to name a few, are already gaining 100% of their energy from sustainable sources. In addition, our air conditioning systems are programmed according to the time of day and local climate, and even use the waste heat from our machines to heat our offices and production halls in order to emit less CO2.

Responsibility at Busch