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Toasting the exit: Anne Ferté, Busch France and Moise Fernandes, Busch France. Source: Busch France.

No More Single-Use Plastic

Reusable bottles and a mugs for employees

Busch France sets an example for environmental protection and the health of its employees and bans disposable plastic tableware from the company premises.
Until now, around 100 billion single-use products have been put on the market in France every year. Since 2020, the country is pursuing a gradual phase-out of the use of plastic in everyday life. For example, plastic products such as straws, cups, cutlery, plates, and polystyrene boxes are no longer sold since the beginning of the year.
Responsibility for our employees, the environment and the community is also an important part of the Busch corporate identity. To let its employees share in this team spirit, Busch France has now given each of them a reusable bottle and a mug with the Busch logo for responsibility and sustainability. The logo is intended to remind them every day that individual small changes can make a big difference when taken together.