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The colorful mallow is very famous in South Korea. Source: carmenrieb –

Planting Activities

A short look into the green is enough to increase our creativity and productivity. This shows how important nature is for our well-being. That’s why our colleagues in India, Korea and Poland have planted trees or shrubs around their offices.


For decades, the people of South Korea have planted trees and shrubs on Arbor Day to green the land. Our colleagues at Busch Korea have followed this tradition and planted mallow shrubs to green the hills around their office.

The colorful mallow has been cultivated in Korea for over 2000 years. Its Korean name “Mugunghwa” means “the everlasting flower”. In South Korea, it is mentioned in the national anthem and adorns the one Won coin, thus unofficially becoming the national flower.

32 colleagues from Busch Poland took part in a tree planting campaign. The goal of the environmental activity, in addition to team building, was to reforest the area surrounding their office. Each of our colleagues planted a tree with his or her own name tag.

Our colleagues in India took part in a tree planting campaign initiated by the Bank of India. Many other Indian companies also participated in the activity for the benefit of the environment.