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100 percent climate-neutral energy generation by 2028: that the Danes will achieve this goal set by parliament is considered certain thanks to wind power. –

The Wind Behind Them

Busch Denmark

In the world of modern energy, Composite Operators, formerly known as wind turbine operators, are becoming more and more important figures. Many of them come from Denmark, a country synonymous with wind energy. And thanks to the donation of a SECO vacuum pump from Busch, their education will be more complete.
Tech College Aalborg is one of the places where Denmark trains its future wind energy experts. It offers vocational training in wind turbine production and assembly. Students learn how to design, shape and safely cast wind turbine blades in fiberglass. Once you complete your training, you become a qualified Composite Operator.
The donated vacuum pump will assist students when learning another module of their education: How to maintain and repair wind turbine blades if they break during their manufacture or when they are operational. This is done using vacuum bagging. Under vacuum the air is removed from the material used to repair the fiberglass and as a result it is bonded into a stronger fix.
The vacuum pump was handed over to educator Martin Nielsen by Busch Sales Engineer Henning Madsen. It marks a continuation of a close relationship between Busch and the college. Indeed, the college has a number of R5 vacuum pumps that Busch services.