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Mink MV 0502 / 0602 B

The Mink MV 0502/0602 B belongs to the Busch product family of proven Mink claw vacuum pumps. You will find more information on advantages, technology, accessories and spare parts, applications as well as a complete product overview on our Mink MV series type page.

Series Type Page Mink MV
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Technical Specifications

Mink MV 0502 / 0602 B

With Mink vacuum pumps, two clawshaped rotors turn in opposite directions inside the housing. Due to the shape of these claw rotors, the air or gas is sucked in, compressed and discharged. The claw rotors do not come in contact with each other or with the cylinder in which they are rotating. Tight clearances between the claw rotors and the housing optimize the internal seal and provide a consistently high pumping speed. A synchronization gearbox ensures exact synchronization of the claw rotors. Mink vacuum pumps are driven by a directly flange-mounted motor.

Industrial vacuum generation for many applications
Mink claw vacuum pumps are available in a wide range of sizes. Special models for certain applications such as dust and gas explosion protection, high water vapor content, gas tightness, increased oxygen content etc., are also available.

Dimensional Drawing Mink MV 0502/0602 B
Mink MV 0502/0602 B

Pumping speed

Air at 70 ºF. Tolerance: ± 10%

60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data Mink MV 0502 B Mink MV 0602 B
Max. pumping speed ACFM 60 Hz 277 353
Ultimate pressure Torr 60 Hz 150 150
Nominal motor rating kW (HP) 60 Hz 9.5 (12.7) 12.6 (16.9)
Nominal motor speed RPM 60 Hz 3600 3600
Sound level (ISO 2151) dB(A) 60 Hz 75 76
Approximate weight Lbs. 60 Hz 1036 1040
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches 42 ¾ x 22 13/16 31 5/16 43 5/16 x 2213/16 x 31 5/16
Gas inlet / Gas outlet inches G 3" / R 2" G 3" / R 2"


Mink MV 0502 / 0602 B

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