Reduce Operating Costs – Optimize Your Processes

Are your vacuum pumps running in optimum operating condition?
Are there signs of wear that could impair your production processes?
Do you still achieve the defined output?

With the Free No-Obligation Busch VacuumCheck you receive a written status description of your vacuum pumps according to a standardized test procedure.

In the overview summary, you can quickly determine if vacuum pumps are in optimal operating condition and use this information to plan maintenance, repair or overhaul requirements without having to deal with surprises.

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Benefits of the Free Busch VacuumCheck at a Glance

  • Fast overview of the operating condition of all vacuum pumps currently used in the process – also of other brands
  • Planning reliability for maintenance, repair and overhaul work
  • Local expertise for immediate implementation of identified potential for optimization

Our Experience, Your Advantage

The Busch VacuumCheck covers all essential parameters for operating vacuum pumps in relation to the respective operating principle and design.

For example, running properties, lubricants, connection sizes, the state of wearing parts and the pre-filters and exhaust filters are among the test parameters.

The Busch VacuumCheck is only performed by qualified Busch service technicians who, in addition to technical expertise, also have the necessary tools and spare parts to carry out optimization − if required − immediately on-site*.

*Any maintenance and repair work is excluded.

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