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  • TAPIR HL 2216 A, Leak Detector, Busch Vacuum Solutions


Leak detector

The Powerful Detection Devices for All Applications

High performance

Highly sensitive leak detection, minimum detectable leakage rate of 5 · 10⁻¹⁰ Pa · m³/s in sniffing mode, rapid response time due to high pumping speeds, for almost all applications, spray test and sniffing leak detection with helium or hydrogen

Control and monitoring

High definition color display for maximum readability, intuitive menu navigation, SD memory card for saving and downloading all relevant data, customizable parameter settings


Dependable operation due to redundancy of two long-life yttrium-coated iridium filaments

Technical specifications

Markets & applications

Analytics and R&D
  • Leak detection


  • Helium spray gun kit
  • Sniffing probe
  • Inlet filter 5 µm
  • Inlet filter 40 µm
  • Transport Trolley
  • Power connection, 2.5 m, UK