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Seco SG 0008 A

  • Reliable:
    robust construction, reliable operation, high petrol vapour resistance
  • Explosion-Proof:
    ATEX certified, EU type examination certificate, integrated flame arrester
  • Dry-Running:
    self-lubricating rotor vanes
  • High Performance:
    high pumping speed, connection to up to two petrol pump dispensers simultaneously
  • Efficient:
    optimum cost-benefit ratio, low energy consumption
  • Quiet Operation:
    low pulsation and vibration levels
  • Nearly Maintenance-Free

The Seco SG 0008 A rotary vane vacuum pump has been specifically designed for the recovery of petrol vapour (explosion group IIA) in motor vehicle filling station systems. It conforms to the ATEX directive 2014/34/ EU (designation II 1/2 G Ex h IIA T3 Ga/Gb) and has been granted an EU type examination certificate. The rotary vane operating principle of the Seco SG 0008 A ensures efficient vapour extraction at low pulsation, vibration and noise levels.

The high pumping speed of the Seco SG 0008 A permits vapour recovery from up to two petrol pump nozzles simultaneously. Throughput control is carried out by an integrated mechanical valve. The throughput volume may alternatively be controlled electronically by an external unit, especially when conformance to the low emission levels of the European Guideline EN 16321 is required.

The Seco SG 0008 A rotary vane vacuum pump is characterized by a high level of availability and operational reliability. This is ensured thanks to a robust construction and hard-wearing, self-lubricating rotor vanes made from special graphite.

The construction materials used for internal components are specifically selected for resistance to petrol vapour. Because no cooling or lubricating fluids are used in the compression chamber, no cross contamination between the extracted petrol vapour and operating fluids can occur, and maintenance costs are consequently lower.

The proven design and clean working principle of the Seco SG 0008 A ensure outstanding reliability around the clock in filling station system applications, in both continuous and intermittent operation.

Additional advantages of the Seco SG 0008 A include extended service lifetime. Apart from regular checks or changing of the rotor vanes and filter replacement at recommended service intervals, no additional maintenance is required.

Seco SG 0008 A – the robust and reliable solution for environmentally friendly refueling.

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Technical specifications
Seco vacuum pumps work on the basis of proven rotary vane technology. Thanks to self-lubricating rotor vanes, no operating fluid is necessary. Compression occurs as part of a completely dry process. A standardized integrated filter protects the vacuum pump from contamination. A consistently high vacuum level in continuous operation is ensured through perfectly coordinated materials, special graphite vanes in the compression chamber, effective heat discharge, as well as state-of-the-art and precise manufacturing. The unit is driven by a directly flange-mounted motor.

Seco SG 0008 A
Seco SG 0008 A
Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10% operational range

Pumping speed


Seco SG 0008 A

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