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Rangu DF 1000 - 2800 A

Rangu is the new range of diffusion vacuum pumps from Busch. The Rangu vacuum pump range is used in a wide variety of industries, from roll/ web coating to vacuum furnaces. In these industries, manufacturers share a
need for robust, reliable and productionfriendly vacuum technologies. Focusing on the total cost-of-ownership, Busch continues to deliver innovative vacuum solutions that maximize throughput, tolerate varying operating conditions and simplify maintenance. This ensures maximum uptime and efficiency.

Busch Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps are designed to withstand heavy industrial use and can handle high gas loads. The Rangu range has an innovative multi-stage jet design providing stable vacuum performance even under difficult flow conditions. It also provides industryleading performance in reducing the potential for oil back streaming to prevent process contamination. Busch offers a comprehensive range of diffusion vacuum pumps and systems for industrial uses.


  • Glass coating equipment (architectural glass, automotive glass, flat panel display substrates)
  • Surface treatments for materials and applying wear coatings
  • Functional and decorative coatings, including metallization
  • Optical coating (ophthalmic, precision opto-electronics)
  • Roll/web coating on films or foils
  • PVD and other plasma process systems requiring high gas load
  • Vacuum furnaces/brazing
  • Electron beam welding

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Technical Specifications
The Rangu diffusion vacuum pump construction consists of an oil boiler connected to a central multi-stage jet assembly. The heated oil is ejected from the jet assembly at supersonic speeds and the process gas molecules are entrained in the oil jet flow and transferred through the pump body by the heavier oil molecules’
momentum. This process moves the gas molecules from the low pressure inlet flange to the foreline vacuum port of the diffusion pump, where the oil is condensed and returned to the boiler. The process gas molecules are then removed by the backing pump.

The Rangu diffusion vacuum pump’s innovative multi-stage jet design results in the utmost stability of the pumping operation. The design is especially suited for high transient pressures typically found when pumping down a chamber without the associated risk of oil back streaming. All Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps benefit from a robust long life heater design, which ensures stable and reliable performance under widely varying operating conditions.

Rangu DF 1000 - 2800 A
Rangu DF 1000 - 2800 A
Pumping speed

N2 at 70 °F. Tolerance: ± 10%

Pumping speed
Technical data Rangu DF 1000 A Rangu DF 1700 A Rangu DF 2800 A
Ultimate pressure *
* with recommended backing pump


Rangu DF 1000 - 2800 A

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