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Mink MP 0400 - 0960 AV

Mink MP vacuum modules are designed for operations in which high suction volumes, dry compression and high reliability are required. They consist of two or three proven Mink claw vacuum pumps connected in parallel. The pumps operate in a non-contacting manner, so that no operating fluid such as oil or water is required for the compression process.

Modular design
Due to the modular design, Mink MP vacuum modules can be adapted to customer needs.

Low maintenance
There is no friction in the compression chamber and no wear caused by pump operation because of the non-contacting operation.

Considerable energy savings is possible due to the high degree of efficiency compared with other vacuum principles. The reduction of maintenance work minimizes downtime and costs for wearing parts and operating fluids. Further energy savings can be had when operating VFD capable motors.

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Technical Specifications
Two or three Mink claw vacuum pumps are connected in parallel.
In each of these pumps, two claws rotate in opposite directions in a housing. Due to the special geometric form of the claws, air that is sucked in is compressed inside the vacuum pumps. Air is sucked in via the inlet flange, compressed in the compression chamber and then expelled on the pressure side. The non-return valve is integrated into the suction pipe as standard. This prevents ventilation of the recipient through the pumps when turning off the pumps. 

Standard motors power the Mink claw vacuum pumps. A synchronization gearbox ensures exact synchronization of both claws. Due to the parallel connection of the vacuum pumps, the pumping speeds of the individual machines accumulate to a total suction volume. The air filters in front of each of the Mink vacuum pumps are fitted as standard. Individual pump silencing measures are also possible.


Mink MP 0400 - 0960 AV
Mink MP 0400 - 0960 AV

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