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Mink MM Aqua

The highly-developed design option Aqua is the perfect choice for Mink claw vacuum pumps used in wet applications, including sewage conveying, waste water treatment, turbine priming, milking, steam sterilization as well as wood drying and similar applications.

Thanks to the special Busch Aqua R coating, all parts inside the stages of Mink MM Aqua vacuum pumps are perfectly protected against corrosion. Being applied by a hot curing process, the Busch Aqua R coating forms a remarkably strong bond to metallic surfaces and offers high pressure and temperature stability.

Furthermore, the coating includes MoS 2 and PTFE additives providing outstanding anti-friction properties as well as excellent wear resistance. In addition, it is dust and dirt repellent.

While the stages of Mink MM Aqua claw vacuum pumps are completely protected by the Aqua R coating, the silencer is covered with an anti-corrosive zinc coating. A condensate drain valve is available to drain condensates out of the silencer, and the inlet filter can be equipped with a polyester cartridge.

Mink MM Aqua – efficient and reliable vacuum generation for wet applications.

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Mink MM Aqua

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