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COBRA BC 1000 / 2000 F

  • Efficient:
    cost-effective, long uptime, energy-efficient  
  • Easy servicing:
    long service intervals  
  • Reliable:
    operationally reliable  
  • Flexible:
  • Quiet:
    sound level < 62 dB(A)

The COBRA BC 1000 F and BC 2000 F are two dry screw vacuum pumps from the proven COBRA BC series. Their fast pumping speed and high hydrogen throughput make them ideal for all demanding processes involved in the production of photovoltaic cells, flat screens and semiconductors. COBRA vacuum pumps are oil-free and noncontacting, allowing powder- and particleladen media to be evacuated.

The COBRA BC 1000 F and BC 2000 F feature an integrated vacuum booster as standard, providing higher pumping speeds and ultimate pressures. The backing pump and vacuum booster are combined on a compact base frame.

The COBRA BC 1000 F and BC 2000 F are fitted with highly efficient motors featuring a stand-by mode, thus offering optimum energy-saving potential.

Their compact construction requires very little space, and their extremely low energy requirements keep operating costs to a minimum. The long service life of COBRA BC vacuum pumps further reduces the total costs. It is simple and quick to retrofit these screw vacuum pumps into existing systems.


  • High-density plasma CVD (HDP CVD)
  • Rapid thermal processing (RTP)
  • Sub-atmospheric CVD (SACVD)
  • Metal-organic CVD (MOCVD)
  • Plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD)
  • Low-pressure CVD (LPCVD)
  • Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • High-capacity load lock

COBRA – the next level of high capacity harsh duty vacuum pumps.

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Technical specifications
The COBRA BC 1000 F and BC 2000 F are one-stage, twin-shaft screw vacuum pumps. Two screw rotors revolve inside the cylinder, trapping and compressing the pumping medium, which is transported to the gas outlet. During the compression process the screw rotors do not make contact with each other or the cylinder, so lubricants and thus operating fluids in the compression chamber are not required.

The latest development of the screw design dramatically reduces energy consumption and prevents high gas temperatures during compression. The modern screw technology also facilitates an extremely high pumping speed for discharge of hydrogen. A vacuum booster is used as a booster in combination with the screw vacuum pump to form a compact unit.

The efficient, indirect water cooling provides even temperature distribution in the vacuum pump and provides thermal stability throughout the process.

COBRA BC screw vacuum pumps are also available with a special coating for handling of corrosive gases and vapors.

Pumping speed
Pumping speed


COBRA BC 1000 / 2000 F

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