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COBRA NS 0070 - 0600 C

  • Cost-effective:
    low power consumption, minimal maintenance, low operating costs
  • Robust:
    high particle and vapour tolerance, anti-corrosion on internals, inert lubricant
  • Outstanding performance:
    high pumping speed at all inlet pressures
  • Leak tight design:
    no contamination of process gases, no leakage
  • Quiet operation:
    < 68 dB(A)

COBRA NS screw vacuum pumps are high-performance and robust vacuum generators for processes where gases need to be pumped reliably and without contamination. Thanks to the dry screw technology, the compression chamber is completely free from operating fluids. This prevents condensation and deposits of the pumping medium and stops the medium from becoming contaminated with oil and allows process gas recovery.

Ultimate pumping speed
COBRA NS screw vacuum pumps are designed to achieve a high, stable pumping speed – even at normal working pressure range of 1 to 1000 hPa (mbar).

Operationally reliable
The integrated motor design makes this vacuum pump series leak tight. Optimum corrosion resistance is ensured thanks to temperature control and special coatings on the screw rotors. The outstanding levels of efficiency reduce the thermal demand and increase the life cycle.

Application orientated
COBRA NS screw vacuum pumps are especially designed for applications which require:

  • hermetic vacuum supply
  • clean vacuum
  • inert lubricants
  • quiet operation
  • compact pump design
  • full heat removal
  • contamination-free operation

COBRA NS – clean and silent vacuum for many demanding processes.

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Technical specifications
The COBRA NS is a one-stage screw vacuum pump. Two screw rotors are rotating inside the cylinder. The pumping medium is trapped between the individual screw coils, compressed and transported to the gas discharge. During the compression process, the screw rotors do not come into contact with each other nor with the cylinder. There is no need for lubrication or an operating fluid in the compression chamber. Water cooling removes the compression heat. Bearings are lubricated with Busch PFPE oil which extends the service intervalls to a maximum. The leakrate of the complete pump is guaranteed to <1 • 10-6 mbar • l/s. The complete series comprises three sizes with nominal pumping speeds ranging from 70 up to 600 m³/h.

COBRA NS 0070 – 0600 C
COBRA NS 0070 – 0600 C
Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%

Pumping speed


COBRA NS 0070 - 0600 C

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