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Busch Genuine Oils and Lubricants

High quality oils and lubricants from Busch ensure the efficient and reliable operation of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable oil or lubricant for your application.

Busch oils are compliant with relevant international regulations including the International Standards Organization (ISO).  We offer a selection of bearing grease, gear oil and synthetic oil to ensure a perfect fit for every application and pump type.

R-530 & R-540
Highly refined hydrocarbon oils with a high viscosity index, these oils give excellent lubricating performance where rust, oxidation, and/or high bearing and gear loading are not problems. They have excellent water separation and oxidation resistance. Generally used with R 5 and Huckepack series vacuum pumps.

This is a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon oil suited for lubricating gears and bearings operating in medium to severe duty conditions, including high temperatures and long oil servicing intervals. It has excellent oxidation and thermal stability, rust and corrosion protection, a low pour point and a high viscosity index. Generally used with select ME and MM series vacuum pumps.

Specially formulated synthetic flushing fluid capable of dissolving varnish and solubilizing sludge from lubricating systems. Contains oxidation and rust inhibitors. A high flash point and non-toxic nature ensures safety in its applications. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps.

R-570 & R-580
Polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon oils provide improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, compatibility with hydrocarbon oils and reduced volatility. It is a long life lubricant formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps. R-580 is registered with NSF as an H2 lubricant.

Hydrocracked, semi-synthetic, dewaxed, paraffinic oil specifically designed for long life under severe conditions. Characteristics include: very low vapor pressure, exceptional stability – oxidative, thermal, and viscosity – low evaporation loss, chemical resistant, rust and corrosion inhibited, and resistance to carbon buildup. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps. This oil is registered with the NSF as an H2 NSF lubricant.

Synthetic food grade oil. Custom blended polyaphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon fluid for improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduced volatility, and compatibility with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps. This oil is registered with the NSF as an H1 lubricant.

Synthetic oil for standard and high vacuum applications that pump air, inert gases, noble gases, ammonia, weak-aggressive solvent fumes, hydrogen, silane, and up to 21% oxygen. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps.

Fomblin® perfluorinated polyether fluids composed of fluorine, carbon, and oxygen only. They exhibit excellent heat stability and chemical inertness. It is non-toxic, nonflammable, non-reactive and has good wear properties at low and high temperatures. Generally used with R 5 series vacuum pumps.

An all-purpose, non-melt bearing grease that is specially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, this oil contains special rust and corrosion inhibitors that provide greater protection for equipment. Exceptionally resistant to acids, water, salts, spray, weather, dirt, steam and oxidation, it has excellent adhesive and cohesive properties.

This is a high temperature, high purity bearing grease that can operate in wide temperature ranges, has low dynamic viscosity and has a special synthetic base oil/thickener.

A high temperature, lithium based naphthenic bearing grease.

A chemically inert lubricating perfluorinated polyether bearing grease, this type of grease is required when handling reactive or oxidizing substances. It is compatible with all types of material and its' properties remain unaltered over wide temperature ranges.

VE 101
This is a fully synthetic Diester oil specifically designed to provide long term lubrication in process pumps. Generally used with COBRA NC and Panda WV series vacuum pumps.

VS 220 - has been substituted by VS 150
This is a high performance, fully synthetic gear oil formulated for a wide range of difficult medium to heavy duty applications, particularly at extreme temperatures and where minimum deposits are required. It is used with all types of enclosed gears and is suitable for heavy duty ball and roller bearings. Generally used with select Mink MI, MM, and MV series vacuum pumps.

Proven mineral oils for vacuum pumps and compressors in standard applications. Ideal when vacuum pumps or compressors are not subject to particularly high demands.

A synthetic oil for foodstuff applications based on polyalphaolefin (PAO). Developed to provide outstanding corrosion protection in moist product applications, certified to H1 standard. Ideal for R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps used for packaging foodstuff with high moisture content.

A synthetic oil based on polyalphaolefin (PAO). Developed especially for use in the food industry. Lasts four times longer than comparable mineral oils and provides outstanding thermal and oxidation stability.

YLC 250 B
A chemically inert operating fluid based on perfluoropoly ether (PFPE) used essentially for gearboxes, and for vacuum pumps and compressors involving elevated oxygen content.

Would you like to know more?
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Would you like to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch United States):
+1 757 463 7800 Get in contact


Busch Genuine Oils and Lubricants

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