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Busch Genuine Exhaust Filters

  • Optimal energy efficiency:
    Reduced load on the vacuum pump, lower energy consumption
  • Superior performance and optimal service life:
    Low pressure drop throughout filter lifetime
  • High-quality filters reduce oil costs:
    Better filters save money and create a cleaner working environment
  • Worldwide distribution and support
  • 4 ºC lower exhaust temperature: 
    Lower heat emissions to ambient air
  • Exhaust noise emissions reduced by up to 4 dB: 
    Quiet operation contributes to workplace safety


Additional benefits

  • Comprehensive test methods ensure highest quality standards
  • Suitable for oxygen-rich applications
  • Extensive tolerance to chemicals, ATEX certified version available
  • Highly conductive, no risk of static electricity build-up
  • Easy to install
  • Fully traceable, with individual batch and tracking numbers


Busch exhaust filters – Enhance your vacuum pump to maximize performance.

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