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Vacuum pumps by Busch are used in hospital trailers in the US. Source: ©5m3photos -

Urgent Vacuum Pump Delivery for US Healthcare

In the current pandemic, it is more and more important to have a reliable relationship with business partners. This week, Busch Vacuum Solutions delivered a short-notice assignment to help one of its longtime customers in the medical segment. This customer is specialized in the manufacturing of vacuum and air systems for hospitals. The medical gas equipment manufacturer is considered to be part of a critical infrastructure industry defined by the Department of Homeland Security. Since the capacities of hospitals are being expanded to face the increasing number of Corona patients, its production of such medical systems is rising as well.

Vacuum is required in healthcare facilities to provide proper suction during procedures and care. In very short time, Busch was able to deliver 36 R5 rotary vane vacuum pumps that are needed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to deploy new hospital trailers with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in the field.
The Busch team in the US stepped up to help rush through the ordering, production and shipping process of these critical vacuum units. They will be built into trailers, that will be deployed to multiple locations. Wherever needed, they will be used as emergency supply for patients all over the country. And with the highest number of infected people worldwide, these vacuum units for hospitals are urgently needed in the US.