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Self-Adjusting Cooling

Temperature independently balanced. The air conditioner for the pump. We invented it for you.

When it’s too hot, we don’t feel well, we get tired, we’re not as productive as usual. Thus, we turn on the air conditioner. Our vacuum pumps are no different. They don’t like it too hot either. At some point, they stop working and production comes to a standstill.

To prevent this from happening, we at Busch have invented air conditioning for the vacuum pump: An efficient indirect water cooling system with an automatically connected heat exchanger. It independently maintains the temperature at the ideal level for the process. So that the pump feels comfortable and performs at its best. Thermal expansion and stress, loss in ultimate pressure, and erratic running are a thing of the past. The optimum temperature is maintained throughout the whole pump body. Just as we would expect from a good air conditioner. Some just like it cooler.

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