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Kacper before and after his successful treatment. Source: TBA.

Polish Superhero

Kacper Teszner, 11-years old, from Włocławek, near the Busch offices in Poland, is a real-life superhero. He took on a big monster and won.
In 2019, Kacper started vomiting, getting headaches and seeing double. Kacper had acute hydrocephalus; an abnormal buildup of fluid in the cavities deep inside the brain that puts pressure on the brain’s tissue.
He was operated on at the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw. In four months, after treatment, Kacper was given the all clear. Sadly though, a year and half later on June 6, 2020, the Teszner family’s world fell apart. The MRI showed that the disease had returned, aggressively. It was of a rare type of hydrocephalus that had a greater chance of reoccurrence.
Kacper started to fight for his life all over again. But things were worse than before. The tumor had metastasized in his head but also along his entire spine. At this point, the doctors gave Kacper’s chances of survival as nil.
Then came hope. The Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio, USA, examined Kacper’s case and said a cure was possible. There was a drawback, it was big one. The parents needed 4 million PLN to pay for their child’s treatment. A fund-raising effort started immediately. Busch, along with other companies and individuals, added money to the fund.
Thankfully this is a story with a happy ending. The funding target was reached. Kacper got his treatment. He received chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant in the USA. And on April 25, 2021, he flew back to Poland, a real-life superhero who had defeated the tumor threatening his life.