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The participants of the first Busch Cares event with the assembled kids bikes. Source: Busch LLC.

Busch Cares Donates Bikes to Kids

Children's eyes light up when they see their first bike! Brand new and shiny, it stands there waiting for its proud little owner. Cycling promotes children's health, motor skills and brain development. That's why our American colleagues used a teambuilding event to assemble ten children's bikes and donate them to children who have never owned a bike before.

During the recent Busch USA Fall National Sales Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia, the sales team, staff, and other departments participated in the first Busch Cares event. For this event, Busch Cares targeted areas of economic well-being and youth-related concerns. Busch Cares fosters hands-on participation from employees to give back to various charitable organizations.

This recent event was a teambuilding activity where seventy participants assembled ten children's bicycles to donate to the YMCA of South Hampton Roads Indian River Family YMCA. The YMCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to address critical community needs. Their programs help kids develop into smart, resilient adults, for people to improve their health and build a sense of community, and for the most vulnerable young people to get the care and support they need.
We are incredibly grateful to receive ten bikes from Busch Cares to distribute to families with financial need.
Margaret Bowman, Executive Director at The YMCA of South Hampton Roads’, before-and after-school program
As a nonprofit, for-impact organization, the YMCA works to create belonging in its programs and facilities through service delivery and policies like the Open Doors financial assistance program where income-based rates are offered for membership and programs. They selected 10 children from seven Open Doors families to provide the bikes gifted by the foundation.
The children expressed absolute happiness and joy receiving the bikes and this will forever be a memory we are honored to share with you and them.
Margaret Bowman, Executive Director at The YMCA of South Hampton Roads’, before-and after-school program
One parent sent the YMCA’s Youth Director a message of gratitude, "Thank you for gifting us the bike. My child has not had a brand-new bike before and was so excited to ride it around the neighborhood as soon as we got home. Thank you for thinking of us. Please make sure the company also knows how thankful we are."

Not only does Busch Cares provide a way for our employees to give back to the community, but it also helps build employee morale and camaraderie. When we work together for a common goal, it helps us work better together. It also reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves and that we can make a difference in our community.
Jake Young, Busch Marketing Business Partner, and Program Director of Busch Cares
Giving back is an important part of who we are at Busch Vacuum Solutions. We are proud to launch Busch Cares, a program that will allow our employees to continue to make a difference in our community. Together, we can make a difference!