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Autoclave & Oven Overhaul, Servicing & Repair

Busch offers a wealth of skills and experience in autoclave and oven refurbishment and upgrades.


Save time and money

Compared with purchasing new equipment, reconditioning an existing machine saves both time and money. We can transform an old, unreliable autoclave or oven into an efficient, modern system featuring the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Extend machine life

From replacing outdated components to stripping the machine and rebuilding as new, the machine’s life is extended and productively is improved.

Improve efficiency

Replacing ageing components, such as cooling units, heating elements and fans with new, more efficient systems helps reduce energy consumption. Optimised heating and cooling performance also enables shorter curing cycles, resulting in higher throughput and reduced running costs for your business.

Upgrade to the latest standards

The potential to upgrade your existing machine to comply with the latest quality and safety regulations, as well as ISO 14001 environmental targets.

In addition, the majority of older autoclave control systems simply cannot satisfy the high standards now required in terms of production quality and historical data, specifically in the aerospace sector.

Developed with the specialist needs of this industry in mind, our AMCS (Autoclave Management and Control System) offers a proven solution, providing reliable, accurate and fast processing together with full traceability and a user-friendly interface.