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Latest Innovations




    Extension of our PLUS family

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  • MINK MH 0018 A

    MINK MH 0018 A

    First hydrogen-approved recirculation blower for fuel cells

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  • COBRA DS 3161 A

    COBRA DS 3161 A

    Reduced footprint (~20 %)

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  • COBRA NX 0950 A

    COBRA NX 0950 A

    New size, high-performance and robust dry screw vacuum pumps

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  • DOLPHIN LX 0110-0180 C

    DOLPHIN LX 0110-0180 C

    New design with universal flanch connectors

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  • DOLPHIN LX 0260–0430 C

    DOLPHIN LX 0260–0430 C

    Incresing the size of the anti-cavitation line

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  • COBRA DS 1200 A

    COBRA DS 1200 A

    New configuration

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  • COBRA BC 0101 G

    COBRA BC 0101 G

    Specially developed screw profile

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  • MINK MV 0312-0602 B Aqua

    MINK MV 0312-0602 B Aqua

    Anti-corrosion design

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  • R5 PLUS

    R5 PLUS

    The first intelligent solution

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  • PANDA WV 1200/1800/2400 A

    PANDA WV 1200/1800/2400 A

    More robust and reliable than ever!

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    Sealing concept and absolutely leak tight

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