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Less downtime, more reliable vacuum supply. Make sure your vacuum pump performs at its best with Busch genuine service kits.


Keeping your vacuum pump in good condition is key to avoiding downtime. A Busch genuine service kit is an easy and cost-effective solution that allows you to carry out routine maintenance and repairs on your Busch products yourself. Each kit contains all the Busch genuine spare parts you need for your vacuum pump, blower, or compressor from Busch in one convenient package.

Keep your vacuum solution running smoothly and safeguard your investment by maintaining the warranty on your product – with a Busch genuine service kit.



  • Up to 90% faster
  • Minimized costs for wearing parts
  • Fast amortization

Peace of mind

  • All parts at hand when you need them
  • Immediate maintenance and repair with minimal downtime
  • Busch genuine spare parts to protect your warranty


  • Compliant with the most stringent and up-to-date local standards
  • Optimal performance and operational security for your technology
  • Comprehensive quality assurance testing


Busch genuine service kits contain replacements for all the components that can wear out over time. Replacing these parts regularly ensures optimal performance and a longer life cycle. The contents of each kit vary between different product series and models; below are some examples of what a spare parts kit may contain for your vacuum pump.

These are just a few examples of the many different service kits we have available for our vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. Contents for other products may vary. Please contact your local service team to find out whether a service kit is available for your vacuum pump and what it contains.

Busch genuine service kit for the R5 RA 0250/0302 D

  • Oil filter
  • O-rings
  • Exhaust filter
  • Separator cover seal
  • Flat gaskets

Busch genuine service kit for the SECO DC 0040 C

  • Vanes
  • Filter cover seal
  • Filter cartridges
  • Copper washers
  • Felt washer
  • Sealing ring

Busch genuine service kit for the TYR WT 0100

  • Gear oil
  • Inlet filter
  • Pipe clamp
  • V-belt
  • Rubber hose


Why do I need a Busch genuine service kit?

A Busch genuine service kit gives you the right parts to keep your vacuum pump, compressor or blower running in optimal condition. By having the parts for routine maintenance at hand, you can reduce the possibility of unscheduled downtime and costly repairs, giving you greater planning certainty.

Is using a Busch genuine service kit an alternative to regular maintenance?

Using a genuine service kit is part of your regular maintenance program. It ensures that your vacuum pump, blower or compressor will not suffer from leakages or losses in performance. The service kit enables you to carry out routine maintenance yourself. It does not, however, replace any more major overhauls, which should be carried out by the Busch service.

When should I use a Busch genuine service kit?

Ideally, the parts contained in the genuine service kit should be replaced according to the maintenance schedule in the instruction manual. If you are unsure when certain components should be changed, please get in touch with our service team.

Is there anything I need in addition to the Busch genuine service kit?

Certain products are not provided in the service kit, such as oil for oil changes. If you are unsure whether you need additional products to carry out routine maintenance, please contact your local Busch representative.

Can I use generic spare parts in my Busch vacuum pump, blower or compressor?

Only the parts in a Busch genuine service kit ensure optimal performance and a long lifetime of your Busch product. Spare parts made by third parties have not been tested according to our high standards and we cannot guarantee their safety or compliance with industry standards. Using third-party spare parts will also void any warranty on your machine.

What does a Busch genuine service kit contain?

A Busch genuine service kit contains all the parts of your vacuum pump, blower or compressor that need to be changed on a regular basis to ensure best performance over time. The exact content will depend on your vacuum pump, blower or compressor, but includes the parts that become worn or less effective after a period of usage, such as exhaust filters, seals, and gaskets.

Why should I use a Busch genuine service kit?

We know our technology. We designed, built it, and field tested it. We understand every serviceable part and the role it plays in keeping your vacuum pump, blower or compressor running smoothly. By using a Busch genuine service kit, you ensure that your Busch product will always run at its best with the parts that have been created especially for it.

Do Busch genuine service kits comply with all industry standards?

Yes. All spare parts in our genuine service kits comply with local industry standards, just like the vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors themselves.

Can I purchase individual parts?

Yes, it is possible to buy individual parts separately. However, for regular maintenance, we recommend having the service kit so you can be sure that you have every part you need.

Why buy a service kit rather than individual parts?

Why be reactive when you can be proactive? Experience tells us that it is best to have a part at your fingertips for exactly when you need it. Having every part available means that you can conduct all your routine maintenance at once, reducing the need for multiple periods of downtime. Also, you only have one order ID to keep track of.

How do I use the Busch genuine service kit?

Please refer to the instruction manual in your Busch genuine service kit. There, you will find instructions on how to install each part. There is also a video to help you.


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Who can help me use the Busch Genuine Service Kit?

The manual and video should be all you need. However, if you need further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact your local Busch service agent.

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Are there different service kits?

Yes. Each model of vacuum pump, blower and compressor has its own service kit with the contents tailored to its specific requirements.

Which service kit do I need?

If you know which vacuum pump, blower or compressor you have, you know which service kit you need. Each Busch product has its own service kit. You can find the appropriate part number in the instruction manual.