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Reduce production costs and downtime.


Get a complete overview of your production. Optimize your processes with 24/7 IoT remote condition monitoring. Take your service contract to the next level.

What is in for you?

Less Costs

Looking for cost reductions in your production process? Reduce costs by knowing the optimal time for maintenance.

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Less Downtime

Unplanned downtime leads to production losses, delivery issues and lost business. Reduce it to a minimum. With OTTO.

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OTTO - Digital Services is more than just a remote condition monitoring tool. Our IoT solution reports the status of your vacuum pumps 24/7 and provides key information for better production and purchase decisions. OTTO sends you notifications if something is not going according to plan. Free up time to focus on your core business while OTTO keeps an eye on your production process. OTTO - your insurance for vacuum availability.


1. Get OTTO

Contact us to get OTTO and upgrade your service contract! Choose the level of assistance you desire. You can choose between a Standard and Advanced Service Contract.

Do you want to test our IoT service? Select the starter package and get the standard OTTO package for free for six months.

OTTO is sold in conjunction to a service contract. Haven’t got a service contract yet? Click here to discover our wide range of services for your vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors or whole systems.

2. Installation

A Busch service technician installs the OTTO IoT Kit into your vacuum pump and tests the connectivity. The kit consists of sensors and a black box that acts as a receptor. The Iot Kit works with a SIM-Card (no Wi-Fi needed).

3. Data Interpretation

Once OTTO is installed and the pumps are registered, the IoT solution can start running. The black box will start getting signals from the sensors, and they will be securely sent to the Busch Cloud. Our TLS Certification provided by DigiCert assures data security. Our algorithms will interpret the signals on the cloud and send the data to the OTTO IoT Dashboard.

Check out our secure data policy to find out how we take care of your information.

4. OTTO IoT Dashboard

The OTTO IoT Dashboard provides you a full overview of your vacuum pumps’ health. OTTO can measure up to 13 different parameters depending on the vacuum pump. A countdown until the next necessary maintenance is also included. To know more about the exact parameters being measured, see our FAQ.

There are two options to access the OTTO IoT Dashboard: via PC or the Busch vacuum app on a smartphone.

OTTO also sends a monthly report summarizing the performance of your vacuum pump and all notifications that were sent. In this report, you also receive a list of action suggestions.

5. Maintenance. Remastered.

Optimize your maintenance and free up time to focus on your core business! Your OTTO dashboard will showcase an alert and send you a notification if something is not going according to plan. Our service technicians are also notified and will contact you to plan a service appointment.

Cost savings. A top priority.

  • It’s no secret that cost savings are a top priority in most businesses.
  • Stop wasting money and valuable time performing too much or too little maintenance. Let OTTO inform you when it’s the right time to service your vacuum pump and avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Save up to 20%* of the purchase price of the vacuum pump by avoiding one overhaul with OTTO.

    Example calculation made for a R5 RA 0630 C *Estimate is not guaranteed.

Predictive maintenance uses data analysis tools to predict equipment faults or breakdowns and creates a maintenance schedule to avoid them before they occur in the future.

Preventive maintenance performs routine maintenance work, regardless of the equipment’s current condition, to prevent future equipment failure or breakdowns.

Corrective maintenance repairs equipment and restores functionality in the event of faults or breakdowns.

Unplanned downtime. The hidden cost factor.

Manufacturers lose an average of 800 hours per year, or more than 15 hours per week, of production time due to equipment downtime. Let’s consider a common scenario for a parmesan cheese factory:

  • Product: Parmesan cheese block weighing 42 kg, estimated total price 378 Dollars (9 Dollars per kg)
  • Packaging machine: Chamber packaging machine
  • Packaging speed: 3 cheese block packages per minute
  • Vacuum Supply: Busch R5 RA 0630 A + PUMA WP 1250 A
  • Value created in one hour: 3 cheese blocks per minute x 60 minutes x 378 Dollars per cheese block = 68040 Dollars in one hour

If the parmesan factory experienced 15 hours of unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure in one week, they would lose 1020600 Dollars.

OTTO costs only 1.50 Dollars* per day.

*Price dependent on local Busch Company and currency.


Different packages. Choose your perfect OTTO.

OTTO comes in different packages tailored to your needs. Whether you want to take care of the monitoring yourself or want Busch to take the lead.
Let the right OTTO become a team member and improve your service operations.

 OTTO Starter1
The self-service solution
OTTO Standard
The comfort solution
OTTO Advanced
The all-inclusive solution
Vacuum pump monitoring
Number of registered vacuum pumps3unlimitedunlimited
Number of registered users39unlimited
Condition monitoring of connected vacuum pumps via appiconsfull datafull data
Condition monitoring of connected vacuum pumps via dashboardiconsiconsicons + values
Monthly vacuum pump report in IoT dashboard 
Monthly vacuum pump report via e-mail to customer admin 
Download vacuum pump data  
Notifications (alerts / warnings)
Alerts and warnings via app and dashboard
Alerts and warnings via e-mail
Read confirmation of notifications in app and dashboard 
Maintenance notifications via app and dashboard*
Maintenance notifications via e-mail*
Preferred appointment scheduling at our field service 
Predictive maintenance 
Extended warranty**  unlimited

*Only in conjuction to a Busch service contract
**The extended warranty is only granted for new vacuum pumps or vacuum pumps overhauled by Busch.
1During the first six months (trial phase) of OTTO Starter you will benefit from all functions and features of OTTO Standard without additional cost
We are extremely satisfied with our Busch IoT vacuum system. OTTO offers us an absolute added value.
Johannes Kohne, Technical Manager, Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH

Our Success Stories

  • Saving on Maintenance Costs with Digital Services

    Saving on Maintenance Costs with Digital Services

    Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH (Emsland Fresh Poultry GmbH)

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Monitor your vacuum equipment with the Busch vacuum app.


How does OTTO monitor my vacuum pumps?

Depending on your preferences, two different ways of monitoring your vacuum equipment are possible:

Which data is OTTO monitoring?

OTTO monitors all relevant vacuum pump data, for example:

  • Oil temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Exhaust pressure
  • Inlet pressure
  • Energy consumption
  • Running hours
  • Remaining time until next maintenance
  • Vibration level
  • Exhaust backpressure
  • Oil level
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Pump temperature
  • Operating liquid temperature at the inlet
  • Cooling water flow

For which vacuum pumps is OTTO available?

The following products are directly equipped with the Busch IoT Kit and ready for OTTO:

  • R5 RA 0160 – 0302 D
  • R5 RA 0165 – 0305 D
  • R5 RA 0750 A
  • R5 RA 0400 – 0630 C
  • R5 RA 0160 – 1600 A
  • R5 RD 0200 – 0360 A
  • R5 RA 1000–1600 B
  • R5 RA 0840 A PLUS
  • R5 RA 1000/1600 A PLUS
  • MINK MV 0312 B
  • MINK MV 0502/0602 B
  • MINK MV 1202 A/B
  • MINK MM 1202–1252 AV
  • MINK MM 1324–1322 AV
  • MINK MM 1402/1502 AV
  • MINK MM 1104–1142 BV
  • COBRA NC 0100–0300 B
  • COBRA NC 0400–1000 B
  • COBRA NC 2500 B
  • COBRA NX 0450/0650 A
  • COBRA NX 0950 A
  • COBRA NX 0950 A PLUS
  • DOLPHIN LM 0100–0270 A
  • DOLPHIN LT 0130–0220 A
  • DOLPHIN LM 0530/0800 A
  • DOLPHIN LT 0320–0510 A
  • DOLPHIN LT 0630/0750 A
  • DOLPHIN VL 0100–0270 A Total Recirculation
  • DOLPHIN VL 0130–0320 A Total Recirculation
  • DOLPHIN VL 0130–0320 A Continuous Flow
  • DOLPHIN VL 0130–0320 A Partical Recirculation
  • DOLPHIN VL 0530–0800 A Continuous Flow
  • DOLPHIN VL 0530–0800 A Partial Recirculation
  • DOLPHIN VL 0530–0800 A Total Recirculation

However, we are constantly extending the products suitable for OTTO.

How secure is my data with the OTTO IoT Solution?

To ensure a high level of security, we work with a cloud provided by Microsoft Azure
exclusively for Busch Vacuum Solutions and TLS Certification provided by DigiCert.

Can I retrofit my existing vacuum pumps?

Depending on the type of your vacuum pumps, we can retrofit them with our Busch IoT kit. Please contact us for more information.

How do I know which OTTO package meets my process requirements?

The three OTTO packages are tailored to different customer needs and requirements.

Compare packages

If you would like to have more information, please contact your local Busch representative. Our service experts are happy to support you and to find a solution tailored to your process requirements.

Is it possible to switch from one OTTO package to another?

Yes, it is. The minimum duration for OTTO is 24 months, but you can always upgrade to a higher service level.

Is it possible to have different OTTO packages for my IoT vacuum pumps?

Sure. It is possible to have different OTTO packages for your IoT vacuum pumps. Our objective is to always meet your requirements and to support you in the best possible way.

How is OTTO charged?

OTTO is charged on a monthly basis depending on your selected packages. Besides the low monthly rates per vacuum pump, there are no hidden hardware or installation fees. Please contact your local Busch representative for more information on the monthly fees.

Is it also possible to monitor other vacuum pumps than Busch IoT vacuum pumps?

Of course, it is. You can add all types of vacuum pumps from all brands to your IoT dashboard and Busch Vacuum App. However, the live tracking is only possible for connected Busch IoT vacuum pumps.

I am not sure if OTTO is helping me in my processes. Is it possible to test OTTO?

We are convinced OTTO will optimize your process and operations. However, there is the possibility to test OTTO.

The Busch Vacuum App is available free of charge in the Apple app store and Google play store.

Get in contact

Does OTTO comply with all EU data protection regulations?

Yes. OTTO fulfills the highest data privacy and security standards with data being hosted under strict EU regulations.

What hardware requirements does OTTO have?

  • Suitable Busch vacuum pump
  • Minimum 2G cellular network connection at point of installation
  • Power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz or 24VDC available near the vacuum pump

Is the OTTO digital service also working with ATEX vacuum pumps?

Not in the moment, but we are working on a solution.