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Dolphin LG 1910 / 2680 A

  • Robust:
    proven technology, high particle and vapour tolerance
  • Flexible:
    application-oriented, choice of cast iron (EN-GJL-200) housing with ductile cast iron impeller or all 316 grade corrosion-free stainless steel material
  • Efficient:
    low operating costs

Dolphin LG is a series of robust and reliable single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch in a base plate design. Their proven operating principle enables these high-capacity vacuum pumps to be used in many industrial sectors, including power plants, sugar production as well as pulp and paper industry. Even demanding applications, such as the discharge of particle-laden gases or highly saturated vapours, can easily be carried out.

The Dolphin series encompasses decades of experience in the manufacture and use of liquid ring vacuum pumps, offering perfect vacuum generation in challenging environments.

The operating fluid is usually water, but other liquids may be used if required by the process conditions. Dolphin LG liquid ring vacuum pumps may be operated as a simple continuous flow system, or as a partial or total recirculation system with a liquid separator as standard.

The precisely dimensioned range of sizes, extensive range of accessories and choice of construction materials, including cast iron (EN-GJL-200) and 316 grade stainless steel, allow these vacuum pumps to be perfectly adapted to many different industrial processes. Due to their modular design, various assemblies are possible to suit many applications.

Dolphin LG technology uses the proven liquid ring principle, with contact-free internal components and virtually isothermal compression. The LG series has been developed for continuous operation.

Dolphin LG – robust and high capacity. Ideal for demanding applications, including saturated vapour loads.

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Technical specifications
Dolphin LG is a series of single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. An eccentrically mounted impeller rotates in a housing partially filled with operating fluid. The impeller blades dip into the fluid, and the centrifugal force exerted by their rotation forms a so-called liquid ring within the housing. The pumped medium is transported in the spaces between the blades and the liquid ring. The eccentric rotation of the impeller alters the volume of these spaces, causing gas to be drawn in, compressed and expelled.

Accessories / Technical options

  • Motorized pumpsets with gearbox
  • Partial or total recirculation systems
  • Cavitation protection
  • Gas ejector
  • Non-return valves
  • Vacuum relief valves

Dolphin LG 1910 / 2680 A
Dolphin LG 1910 / 2680 A
Pumping speed

Dry air at 20 °C. Tolerance: - 5%, in accordance with HEI and Pneurop 6612

50 Hz 60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data Dolphin LG 1910 A Dolphin LG 2680 A
Nominal pumping speed m³/h 11550 – 19100 16160 – 26800
Ultimate pressure hPa (mbar) 160 160
Nominal motor rating kW 220 / 280 / 315 / 355 / 450 / 500 355 / 355 / 400 / 500 / 560 / 650
Nominal motor speed min-1 236 / 266 / 298 / 330 / 372 / 398 197 / 210 / 236 / 266 / 298 / 330
Noise level (ISO 2151) dB(A) < 85 < 85
Weight approx. kg 8930 12750
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2732 x 1785 x 2560 3191 x 2065 x 2965
Gas inlet / outlet DN 400 PN 10 / DN 400 PN 10 DN 500 PN 10 / DN 500 PN 10


Dolphin LG 1910 / 2680 A

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