Vákuumrendszereinket ügyfeleink egyedi igényeinek megfelelően tervezzük. 50 év tapasztalata és a különféle alkalmazásokhoz végzett telepítések ezrei során felhalmozott ismeret lehetővé teszi számunkra, hogy ügyfeleinknek a lehető legjobb vákuum megoldásokat nyújtsuk.


Customized Vacuum Systems Exclusively Built for You

Busch is the leading provider of customized vacuum and overpressure systems. We have more than 50 years' experience in designing and building individual systems for all industry sectors.

Specialists from different fields work together to provide each customer with the best possible solution. 

Benefits of Busch Vacuum Systems

  • All systems are manufactured in dedicated Busch systems building centers located around the world. 
  • We provide turnkey systems, including installation of pipework and control units.
  • We provide start-up service and training for the operating team.

A system project always begins with an in-depth analysis of the customer's exact requirements. 
Make the first step and let our experts support you.

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Vegye fel velünk közvetlenül a kapcsolatot (Busch Magyarország):
+36 24 887 308 Vegye fel a kapcsolatot
Szeretne többet megtudni?
Vegye fel velünk közvetlenül a kapcsolatot (Busch Magyarország):
+36 24 887 308 Vegye fel a kapcsolatot

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Main Advantages of Busch Central Vacuum Systems

Centralize your vacuum supply and benefit from numerous advantages.
Busch sets the standard in the installation of central vacuum systems worldwide with:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Continuous operation
  • Maximum reliability
  • Flexibility for changing demands
  • Exact fit to each process

Case Study:
Centralizing vacuum supply, saving energy

Read this case study and find out how one of our customers saves 8000 € annually with a Busch central vacuum system.

Benefit from Experience

The centralization of the vacuum supply reduces operating costs and increases energy efficiency. 
Discover our vacuum concept "5 Elements of Efficiency"!

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The Perfect System for Every Market

Vacuum system solutions from Busch are in operation throughout the world in a wide range of applications: from analytics and laboratories, to clay degassing and food packaging, to vapor recovery and metal casting – fully meeting the requirements of our customers to their complete satisfaction.

Customized vacuum system

PackagingBusch vacuum systems enable shorter evacuation times, higher uptimes and allow the process to run with fewer vacuum pumps.

Chemical and PharmaceuticalBusch vacuum systems ensure a smooth and stress-free operating process.

Plastics DegassingBusch vacuum systems are the leading systems for the demanding process of plastics degassing.

Oil and GasBusch vacuum and overpressure systems play an important role throughout the entire process chain.

MetallurgyBusch vacuum systems help to improve properties such as resistance and durability.

Water Treatment
Busch vacuum systems form the core of various sewage systems.

PowerBusch vacuum systems are used to increase efficiency in power plants.

MedicalBusch vacuum systems reliably provide constantly available vacuum for hospitals, dental clinics or laboratories.

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