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On the left: Cleide Santos, tutoring teacher; on the right: Iracema Mello, HR Analyst at Busch Brazil. Source: Busch Vacuum Solutions.

Laptop Donation to Orphanage

Busch Brazil has donated seven laptops to the Lar Eduardo Ferrara orphanage in Jarinu. The employees also organized gifts for the children.

The Lar Eduardo Ferrara orphanage is located in the small town of Jarinu in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, not far from the headquarters of Busch Brazil. It is currently home to 17 vulnerable children aged between two months and 17 years.

The employees of Busch Brazil, who wanted to support the orphanage and its children, organized a picnic for the kids with snacks, soft drinks and cake. Each child received a personal gift and their own hygiene products. In addition, the employees handed over seven used laptops in pristine condition to the orphanage managers to support the children’s education.
“The kids were very happy about the laptops, as they previously only had one computer, which they had to share. Now that the laptops are available, they can organize study groups,” reports Gustavo Nery, Head of Finance, Administration and HR of Busch Brazil.

HR Coordinator Adriana Chiarini, who arranged the gifts and the picnic, adds:
“It was exciting to see the children’s reaction and how much the gifts meant to them. They enjoyed the picnic and loved the toys, but what really caught their attention was the care packages with personal hygiene items. The children quickly opened them to smell the products and couldn’t wait to take a shower and use the items. This is a life lesson for us: what are common items in our daily lives meant a lot to the children. This should make us reflect and realize that we need to value the little things!”