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Huckepack ATEX – For Safe Operation in Explosion Hazard Areas

Huckepack HO once-through oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps have been specially designed for particularly complex processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as special vacuum packaging machines where considerable amounts of water vapor need to be handled. They are perfectly resistant to aggressive substances thanks to the fresh oil lubrication which allows corrosive gases or vapors to be conveyed without any difficulty.

The different ATEX versions are designed according to the EU directive 2014/34/EU relating to explosive atmospheres making them suitable for transporting explosive gases and vapors or operation in explosion hazard areas. Each model is available with different ATEX certifications to perfectly suit any requirement.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Explosion-Proof: ATEX-certified
  • Reliable: robust construction, high performance vanes, reliable operation, proven performance, high vapor and particle tolerance
  • Flexible: application-oriented, easy adaption to individual customer requirements and processes
  • Efficient: high uptime, energy-efficient, optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • Easy Servicing

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Huckepack ATEX

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