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Scroll vacuum pumps


FOSSA scroll vacuum pumps have been designed according to the latest single-sided scroll technology. They combine dry compression with a fully hermetic construction.

With their low noise and vibration levels, these vacuum pumps are the ideal solution for analytical and scientific applications in the medium vacuum range. They have proven themselves in this sector for years.

Operating principle

FOSSA scroll vacuum pumps consist of one fixed and one orbiting scroll. The orbiting scroll moves within the fixed scroll.

As the orbiting scroll moves, voids occur at the inlet of the vacuum pump.Thus, the pumped medium is continuously conveyed from the outside through the spaces between the two scrolls. Finally, it is discharged at the exhaust in the center of the two scrolls.


Hermetically sealed for analytical and scientific applications

  • Fully hermetic construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Oil-free operation

Benefits of the FOSSA FO series

FOSSA FO scroll vacuum pumps are everything that is expected from modern medium vacuum generation for today’s analytical and scientific applications.

They are the ideal solution for gas recovery or noble gas pumping systems, helium leak detectors, coating systems or backing of turbomolecular pumps.

With their fully hermetic construction, they provide completely dry and reliable compression. Metallic bellows and static seals ensure tightness between the pumped medium and the ambient air. This avoids the contamination or leakage of the process gases.

Having no shaft seals and coming with lifetime-lubricated bearings, FOSSA FO require very little maintenance. Servicing tasks are limited to changing the scroll tip seals. This can easily be done on site by the operator and without the need for special tools.

Due to their low noise and vibration levels, they contribute to quiet working environments.

All FOSSA FO products

  • FOSSA FO 0015 A
    FOSSA FO 0015 A

    Ultimate pressure:
    0.025 hPa (mbar)

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  • FOSSA FO 0035 B
    FOSSA FO 0035 B

    Ultimate pressure:
    0.01 hPa (mbar)

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