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The 2016 “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” Goes to TNA

Vacuum technology innovations of particular value to mankind and the environment

The tna Packaging & Processing Solutions company was presented with the “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” for its innovative frying systems. The worldwide specialist for vacuum technology awards this prize annually to companies that use vacuum technology in particularly innovative ways and thus achieve benefits for the world at large.
Now tna Packaging & Processing Solutions received this award from Busch for developing industrial frying systems that make it possible to produce large amounts of potato products like crisps or chips using vacuum.
The significant advantage when using vacuum is that these products contain 95 percent less acrylamide, a substance that is hazardous to health, and up to 35 percent less fat than conventionally fried products.
tna is a leading provider of process and packaging solutions for the food industry with installations in over 120 countries worldwide and headquarters in Sydney. The frying systems are produced by Florigo B.V., a tna subsidiary in the Netherlands. Florigo B.V. and Busch are linked by a partnership which stretches back decades. Both companies worked together closely during development and Busch always configured and delivered tailored vacuum technology for the respective frying system. Today different vacuum solutions are used depending on the size and design of the frying systems. The patented multi-stage vacuum frying systems have a production volume of one to ten tonnes of potato crisps per hour. The award ceremony took place at Busch’s Dutch sales company in Woerden. Ayla Busch from Busch Vacuum Solutions presented the award to Andrew Smith, the Group Manufacturer Manager at tna, at a special ceremony.
During the ceremony, Ayla Busch highlighted the fact that tna used vacuum intelligently to produce significantly higher quality and healthier potato crisps, chips and snacks.

The technical background of this innovation is that conventional frying techniques require temperatures of over 170°C, but in a vacuum, it can be done at 125°C. When the starchy foods are heated, a so-called Maillard reaction takes place between the amino acid asparagine and sugars like glucose or fructose. The harmful substance acrylamide is created in the process. This reaction becomes increasingly intense as temperatures rise so that more and more acrylamide is created, primarily from 170°C. The vacuum also lowers the boiling point of the water in the food. As a result, the water vapour flow prevents oil absorption at relatively low temperatures, therefore significantly reducing the fat content of the fried food.