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Presenting the 'Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award': Torsten and Werner Wagner, the two Managing Directors of WAGNER Group GmbH and Dr Karl Busch, founder of Busch Vacuum Solutions. Source: oonal -

The 2017 "Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award" Goes to WAGNER Group GmbH

Vacuum technology innovations of particular value to mankind and the environment

WAGNER Group GmbH was presented with the "Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award" for its innovative fire prevention systems. The worldwide specialist for vacuum technology awards this prize annually to companies that use vacuum technology in particularly innovative ways and thus achieve benefits for the world at large.
This year's award was presented to WAGNER Group GmbH, a company that develops fire prevention systems that act before a fire can even occur and thus actively ensure a very high degree of safety. By supplying a protected area with controlled amounts of nitrogen, the oxygen level is continually held at a level beneath the flammability limit of a fire. The result is that materials become non-flammable due to insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere. These innovative fire prevention systems are always used if water damage caused by using conventional sprinkler systems is expected to occur. Generally speaking, rooms with electronic equipment like server rooms or production rooms, warehouses and logistics centres, museums, or archives are equipped with these fire prevention systems. Even the historic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow or the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg use this technology.
Wagner's headquarters are in Langenhagen near Hanover, Germany, and with 520 employees, the company is among the global technology leaders in the areas of fire detection and prevention.
Wagner and Busch are linked by a close partnership.
Wagner and Busch are linked by a close partnership. From the very beginning, Busch supported WAGNER Group during development of the fire prevention systems with suitable VdS-approved vacuum and overpressure technology (VdS is an independent German inspection and certification institution for fire protection and security).
Today, in the combined systems, MINK claw vacuum pumps and compressors supply the necessary vacuum and overpressure and use a specific process to break down the ambient air into nitrogen and oxygen directly on site. Compared to conventional oxygen reduction systems, operating and energy costs can thus be reduced by up to 80 percent with the support of Mink technology.
At a ceremony in Maulburg, Germany, where Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has its headquarters, Dr Karl Busch presented the award to the company's founder and Managing Director, Werner Wagner, and his son Torsten Wagner. In his speech, Dr Karl Busch highlighted the similarities between the two family-owned businesses and praised the recent years of cooperation so far.