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Analyze. Optimize. Benefit.


Operational, planning and investment certainty for your vacuum process. With the Busch VacuumAudit.

All relevant process parameters for vacuum system operation are addressed. For example, output, energy consumption, maintenance plans and environmental factors.

The Busch VacuumAudit is exclusively carried out by experienced Busch vacuum experts. Fast and reliable, wherever you are.

What you get

Dedicated local experts

  • Experienced vacuum experts
  • Local expertise for immediate implementation of identified potential for optimization
  • Hundreds of VacuumAudits executed

Holistic approach

  • Analysis of complete vacuum supply
  • Evaluation of vacuum demand
  • Examination of piping and potential contamination

Optimization recommendations

  • Detailed audit report
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency
  • Suggestions of concrete measures

How it works

Only our highly experienced vacuum specialists perform the Busch VacuumAudit. They take a look at the complete process, analyze the vacuum demand, examine the piping and potential contaminations. All this according to a standardized test procedure and as specified in ISO 50001.

Based on the data collected on site, they draw up a detailed audit report. Giving you recommendations regarding which optimizations you can implement and which measures to use.

Tune up your process.