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Calibration Service

Correct adjustment. For accurate measurement. Compliant to all regulations, safe and fast. For every vacuum gauge.


The quality of a process depends on the precise control of all relevant parameters. Accurately calibrated instruments are an important prerequisite. Especially for vacuum-assisted production.

We calibrate your vacuum measurement equipment, no matter if it is a VACTEST or a third-party gauge. So that you can rely on the results.

Instruments are restored to peak working condition by testing and calibration at the Busch headquarters. Using the company's own reference measuring station.

Expect exact measurement results. Use the Busch Calibration Service.

What you get

High precision

  • Professional calibration of all vacuum gauges
  • Own reference measuring station at our headquarters


  • Calibration certificate
  • Test conditions and detected deviations documented

International standards

  • Calibration according to ISO/TS 3567
  • DAkkS calibration


You send us your vacuum measurement equipment. Or you hand over instruments to our service technicians, when they come to your plant for maintenance work. After the calibration procedures, we will send the devices back to you.

In addition to calibration, instruments are inspected for damage and subjected to functional tests. The results and date of calibration are recorded on a tag attached to the instrument. On request, you can also get a calibration certificate. If an instrument is damaged, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair or a recommendation for a replacement.