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Autoclave Management & Control Systems (AMCS)


Busch can supply and install AMCS for use on any of the following equipment: Autoclaves, Ovens, Hot Presses, Hot Drape Formers and Hydroclaves.

Due to its modular design, our AMCS can be adapted by our in-house team of software architects and control engineers to meet our customers’ specific requirements. And with remote monitoring available, we can support our customers worldwide.

Cost Benefits


System consumes less energy than legacy systems

Production efficiency

By automating program selection and centralizing control with QR codes and a shared database, the system significantly boosts production efficiency.

Fewer call out fees

Due to remote connection enabling support often without the need to visit site

Less production downtime

Due to enhanced reliability and prompt remote diagnostics support capability

Saved time

Simpler sourcing of spares as no obsolete parts

Smoother audits

Resulting in less internal time used to solve non-compliances

How it Works

AMCS acts as a central point for communications with all other systems and devices. It can measure, process, control and record temperature, pressure and vacuum readings for all parts in the machine. When in operation, the system executes the selected cure profile, records all the data and provides detailed reporting. Notably, it can serve this data in real-time across networked devices.

The AMCS is a highly robust and industrially proven piece of hardware on which manufacturers can depend to automate, monitor and report on autoclave operations.

Technical Benefits

  • Enhanced thermal head control algorithms to maximise equipment capability and reduce cycle times
  • Ramp start/end detection to improve response to new rate requirements and minimise part temperature overshoot by recognising your cycle demands
  • Load setup by bar-coded route cards or parts, or even direct from manufacturing databasereduces equipment turnaround time
  • Fuzzy logic control algorithm adjusts control parameters to ensure the highest accuracy of control, exceeding AMS2750 Class 1 (Subject to equipment TUS)

Full Technical Specifications

Software interface

AMCS is written in-house with the sole purpose of managing advanced materials processing (e.g. composite) equipment. Its applications include the following:

  • Acts as the primary user interface for operators and engineers
  • Provides a simple but powerful graphical profile editor
  • Displays current running status with numerical and graphical presentation
  • Allows manual intervention to the process to authorised users
  • Displays system alarms and diagnostic data
  • Records all process data and user actions in a secure database
  • Used to search database and view/print/ export historical records
  • Server option to manage users and recipes across multiple machines

Process control

Due to the powerful nature of the programmable logic controller (PLC) processor, we have been able to take advantage of its proven proportional–integral–derivative (PID) control logic and enhanced it to replicate the functionality of the best traditional discrete programmer/controllers. As a result:

  • Process variables such as temperature and vacuum are measured by thermocouples/other sensors and the readings are interpreted and processed by the PLC against the set points.
  • VFE control algorithm follows the programmed temperature ramp rate.
  • PID control optimises the power required in each heating zone.
  • Output demand is communicated digitally to each Thyristor (power controller) with actual kW consumption continually monitored.

Additional interface/ recording

For most systems, the data recording of the FMCS software provides sufficient security. For more critical applications, additional options may be considered.

  • Duty/Standby PC Configuration
    The system is configured with a “hot standby” PC which is continually recording and following the duty PC. In the event of duty PC failure, it will continue the cycle to completion without interruption.
  • HMI
    This dedicated network device is able to mimic the critical functions of the AMCS software during running cycles (pause, abort, view trend charts and numerical data). It also records a more comprehensive set of data than the PLC backup alone.
  • Backup Recorder
    A graphical chart recorder can be fitted in place of (or in addition to) an HMI to provide backup data recording but without the HMI’s ability to provide machine interaction.

AMCS server facility

Customers with multiple installations can benefit from the AMCS server facility, granting the following capabilities:

  • Central creation, management and assignment of cure profiles across all machines
  • User management for all systems
  • Backup repository for all client (machine) databases
  • Serves historical data to network users without loading the machine PC
  • Interface with customer ERP/production databases to provide part data, cure references and to export data files to part production records