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Busch Genuine Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

Ensure clean air and peak performance. Protect your vacuum pump by capturing and recirculating oil mist with Busch genuine exhaust filters.


Busch exhaust filters article list


Cost savings

  • Low backpressure improves energy efficiency
  • 99% of the expelled oil is captured and returned to the system, making fewer oil refills necessary
  • Fine filtration material fills slower than a conventional filter, extending changing intervals

Better working environment

  • Cleaner air
  • Reduced noise level
  • Lower temperature in the pump’s vicinity

Superior performance

  • No negative impact on ultimate pressure throughout the filter’s lifetime
  • Minimum flow resistance reduces load on the vacuum pump
  • Stable filtration performance, whatever the application

Sign of quality

An exhaust filter is an essential part of an oil-lubricated vacuum pump. Without it, these vacuum pumps create a fine oil mist during operation. A Busch genuine exhaust filter captures 99% of these oil particles. This ensures that only clean air is expelled to the atmosphere, and all captured oil can be returned to the system.

Create a better working environment and save money with a Busch genuine exhaust filter.

Busch genuine exhaust filters are all subject to comprehensive testing during production. Each has its own signature of origin, making it fully traceable.
This gives you the security of knowing that you are using exclusively genuine Busch parts – and that you are maintaining your product warranty.


Busch genuine exhaust filters ensure safe operation and clean exhaust air.

In normal operation, an oil-lubricated vacuum pump creates a fine oil mist that becomes suspended in the air. The exhaust filter stops these particles from being expelled from the vacuum pump.
Only Busch genuine exhaust filters deliver the best results. Several layers of an ultra-fine filtration material trap and collect the oil mist as it passes through the exhaust filter. The filtration medium combines exceptional performance with the highest possible separation levels.

The oil particles coalesce on the interior of the filter element and are recycled back into the vacuum pump. Oil emissions to the ambient air are therefore reduced to an absolute minimum. This keeps backpressure low and leads to greater energy efficiency due to minimized flow resistance.


Filter backpressure

Conventional filter materials and designs (black line) fill with oil faster than a Busch genuine exhaust filter (orange line). The filter backpressure increases rapidly, which leads to a decrease in air flow through the exhaust.

A conventional filter also reaches its maximum permitted backpressure after a lower number of operating hours. As a result, they have a shorter service life and need to be changed more frequently.

Oil mass carryover

The ultra-fine filtration medium and tight mesh in Busch genuine exhaust filters (orange line) catch more oil than conventional filter materials and designs (black line). This means significantly lower oil mass carryover at all operating pressures and a cleaner working environment.


Busch genuine exhaust filters provide excellent filtration whatever the application and fully comply with all emission standards.

They are suitable for oxygen-rich applications and have high tolerance to harsh chemicals. Their highly conductive design prevents the risk of ignition through electrostatic discharge. For processes in explosion hazard areas, special exhaust filters suitable for ATEX-certified vacuum pumps are available.

How to change exhaust filters


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Changing your exhaust filter should not be a challenge. Busch genuine exhaust filters are easy to remove and install. Our video demonstrates how you can carry out the process on an R5 vacuum pump.

With worldwide distribution, you can always get the parts quickly when you need them. We also offer support around the globe: Should you need help changing your exhaust filter, or you would like us to take care of your servicing, we are never far away.

Busch offers different service contracts, so you can hand over responsibility for your vacuum supply to us. Meaning that you can avoid downtime and keep your process running efficiently.

Exhaust filters for R5 vacuum pumps

Upgrade your experience. Choose the matching service kit for your product with everything you need for unmatched quality and performance.

Find you service kit
Compatible Busch vacuum pumpsArticle numberDimensions
(L x Ø)
For ATEX / Oxygen productsPieces per pump
R5 RB 0006 C, R5 RB 0006 E, R5 PB 0003 D, R5 PB 0004 CV53214015152 x 35 mm1
R5 PB 0008 CV53214015274 x 35 mm1
R5 RA 0010 C, R5 RA 0016 CV532140153200 x 52 mm1
R5 KB 0010 E, R5 KB 0016 E, R5 KB 0020 D, R5 KB 0025 F, R5 KB 0040 DV532140154120 x 52 mm1
R5 RB 0021 C, R5 RC 0021 CV532140155130 x 72 mm1
R5 RA 0025 F, R5 RA 0040 F, R5 RU 0050 B,
R5 RU 0070 B
V532140156208 x 72 mm1
R5 RA 0063 F, R5 RA 0100 FV532140157250 x 72 mm2
R5 RA 0155 A, R5 RA 0160 D, R5 RA 0202 DV532140159375 x 72 mm2
R5 RA 0250 D, R5 RA 0302 DV532140159375 x 72 mm3
R5 RA 0165 D, R5 RA 0205 D, R5 RA 0255 D, R5 RA 0305 DV532140159375 x 72 mm4
R5 RA 0400 C, R5 RA 0502 C, R5 RA 0630 C, R5 RA 0750 A, R5 RA 0840 A PLUSV532140160500 x 72 mm8
R5 RA 1000 B, R5 RA 1600 B, R5 RA 1000 A PLUS, R5 RA 1600 A PLUSV532140160500 x 72 mm16
R5 RA 0016 CV532141263200 x 52 mm1
R5 KB 0010 E, R5 KB 0016 E, R5 KB 0020 D, R5 KB 0025 F, R5 KB 0040 DV532141264120 x 52 mm1
R5 RB 0021 C, R5 RC 0021 CV532141265130 x 72 mm1
R5 RA 0025 F, R5 RA 0040 FV532141266208 x 72 mm1
R5 RA 0063 F, R5 RA 0100 FV532141267250 x 72 mm2
R5 RA 0155 A, R5 RA 0160 D, R5 RA 0202 DV532141269375 x 72 mm2
R5 RA 0250 D, R5 RA 0302 DV532141269375 x 72 mm3
R5 RA 0165 D, R5 RA 0205 D, R5 RA 0255 D, R5 RA 0305 DV532141269375 x 72 mm4
R5 RA 0400 C, R5 RA 0502 C, R5 RA 0630 C, R5 RA 0750 A, R5 RA 0840 A PLUSV532141270500 x 72 mm8
R5 RA 1000 B, R5 RA 1600 B, R5 RA 1000 A PLUS, R5 RA 1600 A PLUSV532141270500 x 72 mm16
R5 KD 0012 A, R5 KD 0020 A, R5 KD 0025 AV532211204120 x 52 mm1
R5 RD 0200 A, R5 RD 0240 A, R5 RD 0300 A, R5 RD 0360 A532571826459 x 130 mm1


What is the role of a vacuum pump exhaust filter?

Exhaust filters ensure that your oil-lubricated vacuum pump expels clean exhaust air. They filter the oil mist produced during operation, catching and removing it before the air is expelled through the exhaust. This allows the oil particles to coalesce and be recycled back into the system.

Can I use generic vacuum pump filters in my Busch vacuum pump?

You should only use Busch products and parts in your Busch vacuum pump. Third-party exhaust filters have not been tested according to our high standards. Only Busch genuine spare parts guarantee the optimum performance of your vacuum pump and keep your warranty valid.

How can I identify genuine Busch filters for vacuum pumps?

Busch genuine filters come with an ultra-fine filter medium and a tighter mesh than third-party filters. They are also individually marked with the Busch logo and batch and tracking numbers, making them fully traceable.

Can I use one type of exhaust filter for all Busch vacuum pumps?

No. Every model of vacuum pump has its own corresponding filter type. Furthermore, different vacuum pumps require different numbers of exhaust filters. Find the right filter for your vacuum pump in our parts finder.

Does the application play a role in exhaust filter choice?

The vacuum pump itself is the deciding factor as to which exhaust filter you should use. For example, an ATEX-certified pump requires an exhaust filter suitable for ATEX processes. You can find the exhaust filters suitable for your vacuum pump in our parts finder. If you are uncertain which filter to choose for your process, please check with your local Busch expert.

Can I use Busch genuine exhaust filters in third-party vacuum pumps?

No. We only design, build, and test our parts, such as our exhaust filters and vanes, for Busch vacuum pumps.

How do I know when my exhaust filter needs replacing?

If counterpressure is too high or smoke is coming out of the exhaust, you should replace your exhaust filter. You can monitor counterpressure with either a pressure gauge (available as an accessory for the R5 series) or via your OTTO dashboard. However, even if performance is normal, you should always change the exhaust filters after the recommended number of operating hours.

How often do I have to replace the exhaust filter?

This depends on the application. For normal one-shift operation, Busch genuine exhaust filters should be changed annually, or every 4,000 operating hours. In harsher applications, change your exhaust filter every six months, or 2,000 hours. Alternatively, if you notice that the counterpressure has increased, this is a good indication that the filter is full and needs to be changed.

What happens if I do not replace my vacuum pump exhaust filter regularly?

Changing the filter is a vital component of a regular maintenance schedule. If you do not change your filter regularly, the performance of your vacuum pump will be affected, and energy consumption will be higher.

How do I replace the exhaust filter in my vacuum pump?

Please refer to the instruction manual. You can also watch our how-to video for R5 vacuum pumps on YouTube.

Who can help me to replace the exhaust filter in my vacuum pumps?

Your local Busch service agent will be happy to help. We can carry out the maintenance for you, give you tips and tricks, or offer assistance if you are having any issues. You can also make use of our service contracts: Let us take responsibility for your maintenance while you concentrate on your core business.

Do I only need to change the exhaust filter?

When you change your exhaust filters, you will get the best results if you take the time to replace the whole filtration system. This will ensure that your vacuum pump has the highest filtration performance. Please refer to the instruction manual to determine what needs to be replaced in your vacuum pump. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local Busch agent.

Can I change just one exhaust filter at a time?

If your vacuum pump takes multiple exhaust filters, these should all be replaced at the same time.