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Diversity Lived

Everyone talks about diversity. What many people only pay lip service to, we put into practice. It is no easy task, but we accept the challenge.

Since our founding more than fifty years ago, we have focused on equal opportunities, individual biographies, and personal abilities. This is where we draw our strength and where our creative approaches to solutions come from.

Although women make up more than half of the world’s population, they are not yet reaching their full potential.

However, diversity is much more than a gender issue. It is an issue of ethnic and social background, sexual orientation, ability and disability, and even neurodiversity. Inclusion is essential for real teambuilding, motivation and robust decision-making.

At Busch, interdisciplinary is not just a buzzword in job advertisements. Different nationalities, religions, and genders work together extremely productively, supported and protected by our open corporate culture.

For us, it’s the individual who counts. We encourage and challenge every employee. We see ourselves not just as a family business, but as one big, global family, with all its facets, worldviews, and skills.

The company’s third employee was deaf, there has been a woman at the head of our Spanish sales company since the 1980s, and we have local teams in all our sales companies.

Like in a real family, we stand up for each other. And we develop the best solutions for our customers. Not despite our diversity, but because of it.

Responsibility at Busch