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Dhayga Lourens is a project manager and ATEX expert in the systems building department of Busch Netherlands. Source: Busch Netherlands.

Busch Group: Women and Careers in Systems Building

June 23 was Women in Engineering Day – a day dedicated to celebrating women in engineering professions.

Dhayga Lourens

Technology has always fascinated me because it improves not only processes, but also life. This is especially true for vacuum technology, which is required in a wide range of processes and industries, from food packaging to semiconductor manufacturing. Over the past few years, I have developed systems for new markets at Busch Netherlands, particularly in the semiconductor and solar segments. I also oversee the ATEX directives for systems and ensure compliance with the relevant norms and standards. For example, product conformity and explosion protection were important aspects during a development project for an EUV pre-vacuum unit for the semiconductor industry. That is why I am now responsible for compliance with European legislation for systems, especially for explosion safety, in the systems building department of Busch Netherlands.

The opportunity to contribute to very different and important areas with the vacuum systems that our team builds is extremely motivating. Our tailor-made solutions are precisely aligned with the specific needs of our customers. I am proud to be part of a team that sets new standards every day. To achieve this, we work together with experts from various fields and have an active exchange with specialists within the global Busch Group. I see it as an exciting part of my work to be in contact with professionals from all over the world, and I love working with colleagues in my department and worldwide.

I studied at Delft University of Technology, where I obtained my Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering in 2008 and my Master of Science in Strategic Product Design in 2011. My career began in the same year as a product marketing engineer in a foam-producing company. After working in food packaging and mechanical engineering, where I gained good experience with Busch products, I became a project manager at Busch Netherlands in 2019.
The Busch Group thrives on diversity and equality, as all genders are an integral part of the company's success. Female engineers contribute to the development of customized vacuum systems that are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications. With their ingenuity and sense of responsibility, the Busch employees create solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the customers.

Busch introduce some of its female employees to highlight the wide range of technical careers that the Busch Group offers.