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Vacuum technology from Busch maintains the cold chain during transport of Corona vaccine. Photo: © marchsirawit -

Vacuum Technology Enables Optimum Cooling of Corona Vaccines

The first approvals for Corona vaccines were granted late last year. Worldwide, vaccination of people against the virus began. Currently, 459.79 million people all over the world have already been vaccinated (source:, figures as of April 13, 2021).
Vacuum technology is also needed to produce and transport the vaccines.
Cooling the vaccines, for example, plays an essential role in global distribution. A customer of Busch Vacuum Solutions manufactures special vaccine refrigerators and temperature-controlled transport boxes for vaccines. And is thus making an important contribution to the global fight against the pandemic.
In contrast to conventional vaccines, the logistics of Corona vaccines present a whole new challenge. The first approved vaccine comes from the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its American partner company Pfizer. To cool this vaccine, conventional refrigerators, such as those used for flu vaccines, are not sufficient. The Corona vaccine must be stored and transported at minus 70 degrees Celsius. So that it retains its full effectiveness.
In building the special refrigeration units, the Luxembourgish company relies entirely on vacuum technology from Busch Vacuum Solutions. Vacuum is used to fill the cooling circuits of the refrigeration units with special gases. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the demand for these cooling units has risen sharply in recent months, and Busch was able to meet the expanded requirements by supplying additional vacuum pumps. These cooling units and transport equipment are sold worldwide and are used in the distribution of the vaccine around the globe. An essential product to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine reaches vaccination centers intact and patients worldwide can receive the much-needed vaccination.