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The school bags contained everything the children needed to start the new school year. Source: New Africa -

Pack to School

Backpacks with a water bottle, a pencil case, pencils, pens, paper, binders, notebooks as well as crayons and markers: The satchels distributed at Busch USA’s first school supplies drive were very well-stuffed.
In the USA, local families with low to moderate income often struggle to purchase required school supplies which can amount to over 100 dollars per child when the new school year begins early September.
Busch USA recognized this community need and initiated the first Busch USA school supplies drive.
It’s a way to lessen the financial burden for families and help the kids have a positive start to the new school year.
Janine Salina, Busch LLC
During July and August 2021, the employees of Busch USA donated the school supplies and funds in preparation for this charity event. The goal was to collect as many school supplies as possible for Virginia Beach families in need of help. Busch USA supported the event by donating the actual backpacks, water bottles and pencil cases.
Children and their parents picked up filled backpacks on a Saturday morning at the Busch Vacuum Solutions USA Headquarters. A total of 115 backpacks were distributed that day to the children. Employee volunteers were on hand to organize the event logistics from distributing supplies, providing directions, and managing the traffic flow.
Each backpack contained school necessities including a water bottle, pencil case, pencils, pens, paper, binders, notebooks as well as crayons and markers for the younger students. The children were even able to choose an age-appropriate backpack to their liking.
One mother thanked Busch saying:
My children and I truly appreciate the new school supplies. Now the children can feel confident about going back to school with everything they need.