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Hygienic Design

We have increased pump hygiene significantly. By thinking outside the box. Literally.

Hygiene is more important than ever. Even more so for vacuum pumps in food packaging. Simply putting a cover over the vacuum pump would be one solution. But only at first glance. And not for Busch. Because we think further. Bacteria could actually live well under the cover. That’s why we’ve rethought the entire exterior of our pumps. So that they don’t need a clunky cover. And we have patented the design.

This starts with small screws without any cavities and ends with the large surfaces. They are not flat, but slightly inclined. So that no water can collect there. Small improvement, big effect: Our vacuum pumps can be cleaned even easier now. Just as you would do with kitchen appliances. Even with steam jets and conventional detergents. Because of their smooth surfaces, water and cleaning agents drain off, leaving a residue-free finish. All for pure, healthy enjoyment. And the security of holding well-packaged, long-lasting foodstuffs in your hands. Every day. With the hygienic design from Busch. The new standard for vacuum pumps in food packaging.

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