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Vacuum Solutions in the Food Industry

Future proofing the Food Industry with optimal vacuum

The leading industrial sector in the world is a major consumer of water and energy. It also produces important quantities of organic waste and solid waste such as plastic, glass and paper. Conditioned by changing food habits, demographic growth and an increase in living standards, the main challenge facing the sector is to successfully meet growing customer demands for elaborate, safe and nutritious food and beverages while reducing its resource consumption and controlling environmental, social and societal impacts. An optimal vacuum supply can play its part in tackling those challenges and in future proofing the food industry.

Reducing costs to remain competitive

Producing crude oil and refined products at a lower cost to stay competitive on the market is one of the industry’s major challenges. Optimizing production systems and environmental utilities on currently operating sites is therefore a priority for the oil industry. This maximizes production efficiency, reduces the costs of extraction and refining and thereby offsets the exploration costs.

Improving performance to ensure the valorization of assets

To sustain their supply of crude oil or gas, oil companies are looking to extend the life of mature sites but are also compelled to seek new sources of oil or gas for which extraction, transport and refining are much more complex and costly. For that, they aim to achieve 100% reliability of their plants : no unplanned shutdowns , increased throughput , secure industrial assets.

Improving the Environmental footprint to meet increasingly stringent standard

The oil and gas industry is a major consumer of water and energy resources and is therefore subject to increasingly stringent environmental standards. This constrains them to rethink extraction, production and distribution methods in order to obtain or maintain their licence to operate. They also have to provide guarantees and ensure transparency in the environmental management of their activities.

Vacuum solutions for the food industry

With over forty years of experience in the electric power industry and installations all over the world, Busch offers vacuum technology for all applications in electric power generation to tackle today’s and tomorrows challenges. Main applications are:
  • Condenser exhausting

    • With the Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pump series, Busch provides a tailored solution for condenser exhausting which includes different construction materials, nominal pumping speeds up to 6,475 ACFM (11,000 m3/h), and standard vacuum systems.
    • Hogging is the initial evacuation of the condenser to a pre-defined vacuum level prior to turbine start-up. Since high pumping speeds are often required, Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for this application as well.

  • Turbine gland steam removal

    • To prevent air ingress to the turbine, steam is injected into the turbine glands and removed by a vacuum system. This is especially important during start-up on the high pressure side of the turbine, and on the low pressure side during operation.
    • This gland system handles steam passed through the seals and any non-condensables accumulated along the way.
    • Pumping water vapor and non-condensables is an ideal application for Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps.
    • An alternative solution is also the Aqua version of Mink claw vacuum pumps for humid processes.

  • Priming and holding

    Non-condensable gases trapped in surface condenser waterboxes, cooling tower tubes, cooling water pumps or water turbines can render such equipment inefficient or even ineffective. Busch provides claw and liquid ring vacuum technology to help initially fill equipment with water (priming) and evacuate non-condensables while on process (holding). Standard vacuum systems can be fully automated and designed for harsh outdoor conditions.


Applications of vacuum technology in the food-industry

  • Vacuum packed meat

    A packaging process in which air is extracted from the package prior to sealing.

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  • freeze_drying_strawberries
    Freeze drying

    A technique for the gentle drying of products.

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  • Vacuum degassing

    A thermal separation process to remove moisture present in a substance by means of vacuum.

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  • vacuum_degassing

    Vacuum degassing. A technique for removing dissolved gas from a liquid or paste. By lowering the pressure in a container with the mass.

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  • landingpagefishfarming_fishfarm_rgb_1200x675px_1
    Fish farming

    Vacuum is used in nearly every step in the process of fish farming. From roe to pre-packaged fillet.

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From a Standard Product to an Individual Solution for Every Application

We offer you a wide selection of technologies for vacuum generation in the field of plastics processing.

Plastex extruder degassing systems

Plastex degassing systems are standardized modules for degassing the vapours in the extruder screw zone. Depending on the process, extruder and material, Mink dry claw vacuum pumps or Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are used. In the case of large throughputs, COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are installed in Plastex vacuum systems. Puma or Panda vacuum-boosters are used as boosters.

Combi extruder degassing systems

Combi systems are individual vacuum technology solutions for melt degassing during extrusion. They are designed by Busch engineers in accordance with the relevant extruder/process. The same components are used as on Plastex vacuum systems.

Our matching products for the food industry

  • mink_mm_1202_av_1
    Mink dry claw vacuum pumps

    The dry Mink claw vacuum pumps impress thanks to their high level of cost-effectiveness. Owing to their dry and contact-free operating principle, these vacuum pumps are extremely energy-efficient, operationally reliable and virtually maintenance-free. Mink vacuum pumps are therefore the ideal components for pneumatic conveying or degassing.

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  • combi_bn_cobra_nx_0450_a_panda_wv_2400_a
    COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps

    COBRA screw vacuum pumps are dry-compressing and achieve high pumping speeds and vacuum levels. They are used in Combi and Plastex vacuum systems.

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  • r5_0630_c_1
    R5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps

    The oil-lubricated R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are the standard vacuum pumps almost throughout the industry. Thanks to their reliability and robustness they can be used in virtually all areas of plastic processing.

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  • samos_sb_1100_d0
    SAMOS side channel blowers

    Samos is the range of maintenance-free vacuum and overpressure blowers from Busch. They are available in many different sizes and performance classes and are very well-suited to smaller pneumatic conveyor systems, both for suction conveying and for pressure conveying.

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  • tyr_wt_0150_bp
    TYR rotary lobe blowers

    TYR are high performance generators for vacuum and overpressure which set new benchmarks in performance, compactness and noise minimization. They are the perfect solution for generating vacuum or overpressure for the transport of plastic pellets and for mostly all handling applications in plastic processing

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TYR rotary lobe blowers (overpressure) TYR rotary lobe blowers (vacuum) MINK dry claw cavuum compressors MINK dry claw vacuum pumps SAMOS DOLPHIN R5 SECO
Foam extraction in hatcheries
Sorting of fish eggs
Ventilation of breeding tanks
Cleaning of band and drum filters
Gas input to breeding tanks
Pneumatic transportation of live fish
Air input for cleaning breeding tanks
Pneumatic feed supply
Extraction of slaughter waste (✓) (✓)
Retaining vacuum for filleting
Vacuum for transportation
Pneumatic suction conveying of ice for cooling
Vacuum packaging
MAP packaging
Carton packaging (✓)
Handling / Palletizing (✓)

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