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One of the TYR in production. Source: Busch Vacuum Solutions

Blowers for One of the Largest Fish Farms in the World

Busch China supplies blowers to one of the world's largest fish farms. In the first phase of the project, 104 blowers have been installed.

92 TYR blowers and 12 MINK MM compressors have now been delivered to a new fish farm that produces approximately 15,000 tons of eel per year.

The fish are reared in a recirculation aquaculture system (RAS). Such closed recirculation systems consist of tanks with bio-filter systems. These are independent of natural water sources, as the water in the breeding tanks is recycled by filtration systems.

For the microorganisms in the filter systems that break down or convert organic substances, a constant supply of oxygen is crucial. The TYR rotary lobe blowers supply the filters with compressed air, which enriches the water with oxygen and keeps it in constant motion.

The Busch TYR roatry lobe blower not only sets new standards in terms of energy consumption, operating efficiency and noise level, but also provides a stable differential pressure, ideal for fish farming applications.
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