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Freeze Drying

Freeze drying. Also known as lyophilization. A technique for the gentle drying of products. Based on the physical process of sublimation.


How does freeze drying work?

Freeze drying under vacuum is used to dry sensitive products without damaging them. By making use of the phenomenon called sublimination. Which means that water passes directly from the solid to the gaseous state while under vacuum.

The freeze drying process starts with freezing the product to be dried at atmospheric pressure. Usually with the help of cryogenic liquefied gases. It is then placed under vacuum. The frozen moisture in the product sublimates and can easily be extracted in the form of vapor.

In this way, water can be partly or completely removed. For example, from foodstuffs or sensitive pharmaceutical substances. With no need of heating up the products. As a result, important ingredients and aromas are preserved, and product properties remain unchanged. Therefore, freeze-dried substances can easily be rehydrated later on.

Whatever your drying process. We help you to choose the vacuum solution perfectly matching your requirements.

Busch Vacuum Technology for Freeze Drying

Whatever your drying process. We help you to choose the vacuum solution perfectly matching your requirements.

Applications where freeze drying is used

Freeze drying in the food industry

Freeze drying allows for example to extract water from foodstuffs. Without heating or lengthy drying processes, that would cause nutrients, aromatic substances and vitamins to get lost.

Using the technique of freeze drying under vacuum, these essential ingredients are largely unaffected. And the extraction of water with this method only slightly alters the internal structure of the food. In ideal cases, rehydrated freeze-dried food is almost indistinguishable from fresh food.

Typical examples of freeze-dried foods include coffee granules and other instant drinks, but also spices and fruit for muesli mixtures. Occasionally, freeze-dried products even reach outer space. As essential components of astronaut food.

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Freeze drying in the pharmaceutical industry

Freeze-drying is a particularly gentle process to remove water from sensitive products. It is therefore perfectly suited for drying pharmaceutical substances such as antibiotics, vaccines or bacteria. That, when dry, can be transported more easily and are at the same time more stable.

The water to be removed passes directly from the solid to the gaseous state. Allowing to extract it without heating up and damaging the substances. And without altering their product properties.

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