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Zebra RH 0003 - 0021 B

  • Efficient
  • Reliable:
    robust construction, proven technology, reliable operation
  • High Performance:
    stable pumping speed even in low pressure range
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy servicing


Zebra two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps have been designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of applications, from research labs to production lines.

Robustness and reliability of operation are the outstanding qualities of Zebra rotary vane vacuum pumps. These are just some of the reasons why proven Busch rotary vane technology has long established itself as the industry standard. Millions of Busch rotary vane vacuum pumps are in operation worldwide in industry every day. With the Zebra series, Busch also offers two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps for applications in the medium vacuum range.

The constant vacuum level in continuous operation is ensured by forced oil lubrication, perfectly coordinated materials as well as state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. Its quiet operation makes the Zebra vacuum pump series perfectly suited for use in research labs, where a low-noise working environment is essential. The advanced design ensures that only minimal maintenance is required.


  • Laboratory
  • Distillation/Extraction
  • Filtration/Solvent recovery
  • Analytical instruments – GCMS
  • Backing pump for turbomolecular and diffusion vacuum pumps
  • Electron microscopes
  • Leak detectors
  • Vacuum drying, freeze-drying (lyophilization)
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Load locks and transfer chambers
  • Coating equipment

Zebra – reliable medium vacuum for demanding applications in industry and research.

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Technical specifications
Rotary vane technology is synonymous with a robust, functional construction. Due to two-stage compression, an ultimate total pressure of 6.7 · 10-3 hPa (mbar) is achieved. While the oil mist separator ensures clean and oil-free exhaust air, the inlet filter protects the vacuum pump against dust and other solid particles. Furthermore, the gas-ballast valve, which is integrated as standard, allows condensable vapors to be pumped. A nonreturn valve at the exhaust prevents oil from flowing back into the compression chamber after the vacuum pump is switched off. In addition to the four pump sizes from 3 to 21 m3/h outlined here, the Zebra series also includes models with higher pumping speeds from 30 to 90 m3/h.

Standard features 

  • Integrated gas-ballast valve
  • ISO-KF flanges
  • Multi-voltage motors
  • Multi-frequency motors (50Hz / 60Hz)
  • cTUVus certification

Accessories / Technical options

  • Single or three-phase motor (RH 0003 B only with single-phase motor)
  • Oil mist separator
  • Inlet filter

Zebra RH 0003 – 0021 B
Zebra RH 0003 – 0021 B
Pumping speed

Air at 70 ºF. Tolerance: ± 10%

Pumping speed


Zebra RH 0003 - 0021 B

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