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R 5 RU 0050 / 0070 A

The R 5 RU 0050 / 0070 A belong to the Busch product family of proven R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. You will find more information on advantages, technology, accessories and spare parts, applications as well as a complete product overview on our R 5 RU series type page.

R 5 RU – reliable, clean vacuum for accurate analysis results.

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Rotary vane technology is synonymous with a robust, functional construction. R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterized by an optimum design and perfectly synchronized components and materials. The constantly high vacuum level in continuous operation is ensured by recirculating oil lubrication and state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. A sophisticated oil separator ensures efficient use of oil.

 A non-return valve in the inlet flange prevents the pumped medium from flowing back into the vacuum process after the vacuum pump is switched off. The vacuum pump is driven by a directly flange-mounted standard electric motor, with an efficiency class of IE3. An integrated variable speed drive enables easy adaption to different laboratory systems with differing vacuum generation requirements.

Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%  ---- RU 0070 A  ---- RU 0050 A

60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data RU 0050 A | RU 0070 A
Pumping speed *
Pumping speed **
Ultimate pressure Torr < 0.038
Sound level (ISO 2151) ***
* at 3 mbar ** at 3 mbar *** at 3 mbar and 1800 min-1


R 5 RU 0050 / 0070 A

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