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R 5 KB 0020 – 0040 D/F

The KB range of R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are compact in design, high in efficiency and are available in a variety of sizes. These pumps are ideal for use in applications and machines where space is at a premium. The KB is a reliable pump because of its sturdy design, proven rotary vane principle and high quality motor. The heavy duty non-return valve in the suction port prevents the vacuum chamber from venting through the pump after shutdown.


  • Very compact, simple design for easy installation and low
  • Air-cooled, requiring no water
  • Direct drive, eliminating belts and gears to loosen or wear
  • Oil mist eliminator for clean exhaust
  • Quiet operation  
  • Oil supply and oil return line are integrated into the cylinder
    end plate


  • Gas ballast valve to absorb gases containing water vapor.
  • Level switch for the automatic checking of oil quantity within the oil
    mist separator.
  • Inlet filter to protect the vacuum pump from ingress of solid and
    liquid particles.
  • Filter pressure gauge to screw into the oil fill cap for easy checking
    of the degree of plugging of the exhaust filter.
  • Motor safety switch to protect pump against overload.
  • Vacuum regulating unit to adjust the required working pressure.
  • Synthetic oil in case of high thermal load of pump.


  • Vacuum packaging
  • Food technology
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Transport and lifting systems
  • Wood working
  • Plastics industry
  • Lasers

R 5 – proven and reliable. Over 3 million pumps in operation worldwide.

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Technical specifications
These vacuum pumps work according to the rotary vane principle. An eccentrically installed rotor rotates in the cylinder. The centrifugal force of the rotation pushes the vanes, which glide in slots in the rotor, toward the cylinder wall. The vanes separate the sickle-shaped space between rotor and cylinder into chambers. When the chambers are connected with the inlet port, gas is sucked in, compressed by the next rotation and pushed into the oil separator. Differential pressure constantly causes oil to be returned into the pumping chamber. The oil and medium are then discharged into the oil mist separator. Oil is then separated from the exhaust air by gravity and the exhaust filter. Oil collects on the bottom of the oil separator and is passed into the pumping chamber again (oil re-circulation).

R 5 KB 0020 - 0040 D/F
R 5 KB 0020 - 0040 D/F

Air at 70 ºF. Tolerance: ± 10%


R 5 KB 0020 – 0040 D/F

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