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Panda WZ 0250 - 2000 B

  • Efficient:
    minimized operating costs
  • Reliable:
    leak-tight, robust construction, reliable under varying operating conditions, solid lobe design for high particle tolerance, barrier gas connection
  • High Performance:
    high pumping speed due to excellent volumetric efficiency, integrated bypass valve
  • Easy Servicing:
    minimal maintenance
  • Compact Design

Due to their high pumping speed and ultimate pressure, Panda WZ vacuum boosters increase the performance of vacuum pumps. Available in various sizes, Panda WZ vacuum boosters can be designed to perfectly suit all medium and high vacuum applications in which the performance of the backing pump needs to be significantly increased or optimally adapted to the process.

Panda WZ are the perfect vacuum boosters for all types of backing pumps. When using a combination of backing pump and vacuum booster, the pumping speed and ultimate pressure of a vacuum system can be increased by up to a factor of 10. As a result, these combinations can generate a suction performance which would otherwise only be possible with a large number of backing pumps.

Panda WZ vacuum boosters are perfectly suited to pump aggressive or toxic gases. The directly flange-mounted water-cooled motor enables an absolute leak-tightness to the atmosphere.

Thanks to the integrated bypass valve, Panda WZ vacuum boosters achieve a high pumping speed even in medium and high vacuum applications. It reliably protects against overloading and allows the Panda WZ to be switched on together with the backing pump even at atmospheric pressure without further action. A process-related, sudden pressure increase due to a higher gas flow can be easily handled by the bypass valve in continuous operation.

Panda WZ vacuum boosters can be flanged directly onto the backing pump or at any other position on the system thanks to our large and specially designed portfolio of adapters.

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Technical specifications
Within the housing of Panda WZ vacuum boosters, two lobes rotate synchronously. Due to the special profile of the lobes and their precise manufacturing, they do not come in contact with each other or the housing. Thus, no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the process chamber. The two lobes are driven by a pair of gear wheels separated from the process chamber. The integrated bypass valve, which comes as standard, enables an operation around atmospheric pressure or at rough vacuum without the need for a special controller. Panda WZ vacuum boosters are driven by a directly flange-mounted water-cooled motor.

Panda WZ 0250–2000 B
Panda WZ 0250–2000 B
Pumping speed

Air at 70 ºF. Tolerance: ± 10%

60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data WZ 0250 B WZ 0500 B WZ 1000 B WZ 2000 A
Max. pumping speed m³/h 60 Hz 315 630 1260 2540
Pumping speed m³/h 60 Hz 281* 560** 1160*** 2132***
Maximum pressure differential hPa (mbar) 60 Hz 100 100 53 43
Leakage rate mbar 60 Hz < 1 • 10-6 < 1 • 10-6 < 1 • 10-6 ≤ 1 • 10-6
Nominal motor rating kW 60 Hz 1.8 4.4 4.4 6.6
Nominal motor speed min-1 60 Hz 1800 3600 3600 3600
Approximate weight kg 60 Hz 165 175 270 510
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 60 Hz 819 x 372 x 422 819 x 372 x 422 870 x 402 x 483 1086 x 558 x 503
Gas inlet / outlet (vertical) 60 Hz DN 100 ISO / DN 100 ISO DN 100 ISO / DN 100 ISO DN 160 ISO / DN 100 ISO DN 160 ISO / DN 160 ISO
Gas inlet / outlet (lateral) 60 Hz DN 100 ISO / DN 63 ISO DN 100 ISO / DN 63 ISO DN 160 ISO / DN 100 ISO DN 160 ISO / DN 160 ISO
All performance data is based on ambient conditions of 14.7 PSIA and 70°F, and has a tolerance of ± 10%.  
* with COBRA NS 0070 as backing pump ** with COBRA NS 0160 as backing pump *** with COBRA NS 0600 as backing pump


Panda WZ 0250 - 2000 B

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