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Panda WV 0250 - 1000 C

Higher pumping speed and improved ultimate pressure: Panda WV vacuum boosters increase the performance of your vacuum system, making it more efficient and economical. Available in six different sizes, Panda WV vacuum boosters can be designed to perfectly suit all low and medium vacuum applications in which the performance of the backing pump needs to be drastically increased or optimally adapted to the process. The WV 0250 C to WV 1000 C Panda models are the three smaller rotary lobe vacuum boosters in this series.

Panda WV rotary lobe vacuum boosters are the perfect booster pumps for all types of backing pumps. When used as a combination of backing pump and booster pump together, they are capable of increasing the pumping speed and ultimate pressure by a factor of 10.

Due to the integrated bypass valve, Panda WV vacuum boosters achieve a high pumping speed even on rough vacuum applications. It reliably protects pump and motor against overloading, and allows the Panda WV to be switched on together with the backing pump even at atmospheric pressure. A process-related, sudden pressure increase due to a greater gas flow can be easily pumped out by the bypass valve in continuous operation.

Panda WV vacuum boosters can be flanged directly onto the backing pump or at any other position on the system.

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Technical specifications
Within the housing of Puma WV vacuum boosters, two lobes rotate synchronously. Due to the special profile of the rotating lobes and their precise manufacturing, they do not come into contact with each other or the housing. This allows for pumping without any operating fluids. The synchronous rotation of the two lobes is driven by a pair of gear wheels located on the shaft ends in the gearbox, and separated from the compression chamber. The integrated bypass valve, which comes standard, enables operation around atmospheric pressure or at low vacuum without the need for a special controller. Busch vacuum boosters are driven by a directly flanged electric motor.

Vacuum boosters from Busch
In addition to the Panda WV series, Busch also manufactures other vacuum boosters in a range of sizes and versions that are suitable for almost all applications. Contact a knowledgeable Busch application specialist for additional information.

Panda WV 0250 - 1000 C
Panda WV 0250 - 1000 C
Technical data Panda WV 0250 C Panda WV 0500 C Panda WV 1000 C
Pumping speed 60 Hz * ** ***
* with COBRA NC 0100 as backing pump ** with COBRA NC 0200 as backing pump *** with COBRA NC 0300 as backing pump


Panda WV 0250 - 1000 C

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